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Sharks Rebound After Fishery Closure


1. Researchers examined the impacts of a closed fishery on 15 species of sharks and rays in Colombia’s Seaflower Biosphere Reserve finding that the vulnerability of large sharks decreased greatly once the fishery was closed.
2. The findings highlight the importance of: involving communities to achieve effective management processes; implementing precautionary measures for high impact and targeted fisheries; and using valuable data-poor tools for the study of populations as an alternative for evaluating and suggesting management measures.
3. Finally, it is suggested to maintain the fishing ban in consensus with fishers, and to evaluate economic alternatives already being generated in the area such as recreational diving and ecological tourism, among others.
WCS Media Contact:  Stephen Sautner, 7182203682, [email protected]

Study and Journal:  "Effect of a precautionary management measure on the vulnerability and ecological risk of elasmobranchs captured as target fisheries"   from  Regional Studies in Marine Science
WCS Co-Author(s):  Paola Majia Falla (Lead) , WCS Colombia Program


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