Newswise — The FDA today approved the first ever CAR-T cell therapy to treat cancer. Alison Sehgal, MD, is an assistant professor of medicine at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, and a hematologist/medical oncologist at UPMC Hillman Cancer Center specializing immunotherapy and stem cell transplants for blood cancers.

“This rapid pace at which immunotherapy has been transferred from the bench to the bedside to the point that we now have an FDA approved cellular therapy shows that CAR-T cells and immunotherapy in general are the future of cancer treatment. The UPMC Hillman Cancer Center is actively involved in several cutting edge immunotherapy and cellular therapy efforts both in basic science and clinical trials that will translate into advanced care being available for patients throughout the UPMC Hillman Cancer Center system.” – Dr. Allison Sehgal

To speak with Dr. Sehgal about the approval of CAR-T cell therapy, please contact Cyndy Patton.