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    20-Oct-2018 5:30 PM EDT

Article ID: 702239

Lupus Nephritis Recurring Less Often in Transplant Patients Due to Improved Immunosuppression Drugs

American College of Rheumatology (ACR)

Recurrent lupus nephritis, a severe complication for patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) with end-stage renal disease who undergo kidney transplant, is happening less often now compared to the past. This positive trend is likely due to improvements in the immunosuppression regimen these patients now receive, according to new research findings presented this week at the 2018 ACR/ARHP Annual Meeting.

16-Oct-2018 2:30 PM EDT
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    20-Oct-2018 5:30 PM EDT

Article ID: 702486

Johns Hopkins Researchers Present at Rheumatology Annual Meeting

Johns Hopkins Medicine

The 2018 American College of Rheumatology/American Rheumatology Health Professionals Annual Meeting.

19-Oct-2018 11:00 AM EDT

Article ID: 702485

Updated Global Immuno-Oncology Landscape Report Highlights Robust International Pipeline Marked by Rapid Growth

Cancer Research Institute

The Cancer Research Institute has updated its analysis of the global immuno-oncology landscape, published today in Nature Reviews Drug Discovery.

19-Oct-2018 10:05 AM EDT
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    18-Oct-2018 9:00 AM EDT

Article ID: 702172

Researchers Describe Novel Immune Syndrome

The Rockefeller University Press

Researchers from Australia and Japan have discovered a new human immunodeficiency syndrome in two patients on separate continents. The study, which will be published October 18 in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, reveals that a mutation in a gene called IKBKB disrupts the immune system, leading to excessive inflammation and the loss of both T and B white blood cells.

15-Oct-2018 9:45 AM EDT

Article ID: 702338

Researcher Wins Breakthrough Prize for Innate Immunity Discovery

UT Southwestern Medical Center

UT Southwestern biochemist Dr. Zhijian “James” Chen today was named winner of the prestigious 2019 Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences for his discovery of the cGAS enzyme that launches the body’s immune defense against infections and cancers. That enzyme patrols the cell’s interior and triggers the immune system in response to DNA.

17-Oct-2018 10:05 AM EDT
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    15-Oct-2018 3:00 PM EDT

Article ID: 701981

Polio: Environmental Monitoring Will Be Key as World Reaches Global Eradication

University of Michigan

Robust environmental monitoring should be used as the world approaches global eradication of polio, say University of Michigan researchers who recently studied the epidemiology of the 2013 silent polio outbreak in Rahat, Israel.

10-Oct-2018 12:00 PM EDT

Article ID: 701899

AAPS Announces Six Fellowships, One of the Highest Organizational Honors

American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS)

The American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) is pleased to announce the elevation of six recipients to AAPS Fellow (FAAPS), one of the highest honors given to members of the association. Each year

15-Oct-2018 12:05 PM EDT
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    15-Oct-2018 11:00 AM EDT

Article ID: 702165

Function of Neutrophils During Tumor Progression Unraveled

Wistar Institute

Wistar researchers have characterized the function of neutrophils, a type of white blood cells, during early stages of tumor progression, showing that they migrate from the bone marrow to distant sites and facilitate tumor cell seeding and establishment of metastasis.

15-Oct-2018 8:05 AM EDT

Article ID: 702143

The Easy Way May Not Be the Best

New York University

The steps cells take in response to challenges are more complex than previously thought, finds new research. The study investigates a system relevant to cancer, viral infection, and diabetes.

15-Oct-2018 8:00 AM EDT

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