Newswise — The VF is celebrating 30 years of raising awareness about vasculitis, and helping to advance vasculitis research.

(Kansas City, MO): The Vasculitis Foundation (VF) launched its 30th Anniversary celebration to showcase its contributions to raising awareness about autoimmune vasculitis, educating patients and funding research on the rare disease.The theme of the campaign is “The Vasculitis Foundation: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow”.

A newly launched webpage on the VF’s website features the organization’s historical timeline, links to videos about the history of vasculitis research, and a new e-book entitled, “A Research Retrospective”.

“We believe the story about the origin and evolution of the Vasculitis Foundation is quite interesting and inspiring,” said Joyce A. Kullman, executive director of the Vasculitis Foundation.

“We’re using our 30th Anniversary to share our story with patients, health care professionals, and the general public. Moreover, the anniversary achievement is a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness about vasculitis to a greater network of people who may have been affected by the illness.”

Advancing vasculitis research is a key goal of the VF “We are very proud to be one of the largest non-profit funders of vasculitis research throughout the world. Also, we have a robust Fellowship Program which helps to train a new generation of physician- researchers. We’re using our anniversary year to show how the VF has worked in the past to encourage research, and we’ll be doing so in the future.”

About the Vasculitis Foundation

Since 1986, the Vasculitis Foundation has empowered patients through disease education, raising awareness of vasculitis in the general public and medical community, and funding research to determine the cause, develop more effective treatments, and discover a cure. 'The VF is committed to improving the lives of current and future patients and is positioned as the definitive resource for patients, family members, medical professionals and researchers seeking information about vasculitis.###