Newswise — Navigating RSV, COVID-19 and the Flu  

As more people travel and gather with family and friends this holiday season, cases of COVID-19, RSV and the flu are high and, in some areas, rising across the country. How can we keep children from getting sick? Pediatric infectious diseases specialists Aaron Milstone, M.D., M.H.S., and Allison Agwu, M.D., Sc.M., are available to offer helpful suggestions about vaccines, mask-wearing, and infection prevention and management to keep children and their families healthy.  


Holiday Toy Safety 

The holiday season is filled with food, family and celebration, and is known as the season of giving. But some of the gifts under the tree or decorations around the house could potentially be dangerous. Small parts could be a choking hazard, and toys may require button batteries, which are toxic if swallowed. Pediatric emergency medicine physicians Joanna Cohen, M.D., and Mary Beth Howard, M.D., M.Sc., are available to speak about issues that could send a little one to the emergency room and precautions to keep kids safe. Experts can also discuss car seat safety for those who are hitting the road with children this holiday season.  


Managing Holiday Blues  

While the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year for some, they can be difficult for others. The days are shorter and colder during the winter months, which may contribute to symptoms of seasonal affective disorder, even in children. The holiday season can also bring a lot of events, activities and social interactions that may lead to stress and anxiety for kids. Children’s Center child psychologists Joseph McGuire, Ph.D., M.A., and Andrea Young, Ph.D., M.A., can offer tips to help manage the winter blues. Carol Vidal, M.D., Ph.D., M.P.H., can provide advice for children and families who may be coping with loss this time of year.  


’Tis the Season to Be Merry and Eat Healthily 

This season can be a magical time for children — filled with special holiday foods and sweet treats. Some of these special foods, however, are high in calories and low in nutrition. Children’s Center experts are available to discuss tips for having a healthy holiday, and to provide advice on maintaining healthy habits and limiting junk food. Pediatric endocrinologist Kristin Arcara, M.D., offers advice on how children with diabetes can indulge safely, and pediatric allergist and immunologist Jennifer Dantzer, M.D., is available to share tips for parents of children who have food allergies.