Want to help American business? Open America’s bordersWesley Sine, professor of management and organizations at Cornell University, studies the emergence of new economic sectors and entrepreneurship. He says that if the Trump administration is seriously committed to small business creation, they should help immigrants – not antagonize them.


Sine says:

“It’s too bad that the administration is not paying attention to the many benefits that immigrants bring and instead is antagonizing them.

“Past research suggests that immigrants do not crowd out local workers, but instead have a stimulating affect on local economies and are more likely to be entrepreneurs. They simply do well when they start businesses in this country.

“Refugees that are leaving because of persecution due to religion or political beliefs may be highly educated and potentially high skilled employees, think Albert Einstein.

“It is not good that people coming to the U.S. for PhDs are stopped at the border. These are exactly people we want to attract.

“Business in the U.S. works because of meritocracy, and the capacity the U.S. has to attract the best talent from all around the world. This administration is not working to maintain that.”

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