Newswise — ROCHESTER, Minn. - The American Association of Neuromuscular & Electrodiagnostic Medicine's (AANEM) foundation, The American Neuromuscular Foundation (ANF), is excited to introduce its first Public Board Member, Barry McLeish. McLeish will spearhead the effort to help ANF become a driving force in neuromuscular research.

McLeish has decades of experience working with nonprofits. He had served in several different roles, including national marketing director, for a large nonprofit for 14 years. McLeish then spent 15 years as International Vice President for a nonprofit consulting group.

“The ANF is excited to add our first public board member,” said Shirlyn Adkins, JD, Executive Director of AANEM and ANF.  “Our goal is to cure neuromuscular diseases. We believe that working with Mr. McLeish, we can move closer to making this goal a reality.”

It’s not just McLeish’s professional background that makes him an ideal candidate for this position. He also has a personal connection. McLeish’s wife is a pediatric rehabilitation doctor who works with young people who have spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) and muscular dystrophy, two devastating neuromuscular diseases.

“I’ve known for some time about this group of patients and the need to make a difference on their behalf,” McLeish said.

McLeish is also close friends with Dr. Bonnie Weigert, MD, longtime AANEM member and AANEM’s 2021 president. Dr. Weigert urged McLeish to apply for the role with the ANF. It’s a new challenge McLeish is excited to take on.

“I am more than looking forward to working with the ANF,” McLeish said. “I view it as an opportunity to support the doctors and scientists working on behalf of the patients the ANF serves.”

McLeish completed his undergraduate degree in communication arts at the University of Wisconsin. He has a master’s degree in human and organization development. He has also published 6 nonprofit texts, one which was used in the Harvard graduate school. Currently, McLeish is an adjunct professor at Edgewood College in Madison, Wisconsin.


About ANF

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