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    18-Dec-2018 12:05 AM EST

Article ID: 705513

Your Postal Code May Influence Your Health

McMaster University

Researchers at McMaster University have identified trends linking health and lifestyle factors like access to public transit, the variety of fresh fruits and vegetables in grocery stores, the prices of popular foods, the availability and prices of cigarettes and alcohol, and the promotion, or lack thereof, of healthy foods in restaurants. The study findings are based on detailed data collected across Canada’s 10 provinces.

14-Dec-2018 4:05 PM EST
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20-Dec-2018 10:00 AM EST
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17-Dec-2018 8:05 PM EST


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Social and Behavioral Sciences

Article ID: 705531

What Looks Like Substance Abuse Could be Self-Medication, Study Finds

Johns Hopkins University

When improved antidepressants hit the market in the 1980s, heavy drinking among people with depression dropped 22 percent, suggesting people who knowingly use drugs and alcohol to relieve mental and physical pain will switch to safer, better treatment options when they can get them,

17-Dec-2018 10:05 AM EST

Social and Behavioral Sciences

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    17-Dec-2018 1:00 AM EST

Article ID: 705339

Poll: 1 in 4 parents not prepared for “parenting hangovers” this holiday season

Michigan Medicine - University of Michigan

A quarter of parents of young children who drink alcohol on special occasions do not think about limiting how much they drink or whether they’ll be able to take care of their child the next day, according to a new national poll.

12-Dec-2018 12:05 PM EST

Article ID: 705047

'Hangxiety' higher in shy people

University of Exeter

Very shy people are more likely to suffer "hangxiety" - anxiety during a hangover - than their extrovert friends, new research shows. In a study of almost 100 social drinkers with either high or low levels of shyness, drinking about six units of alcohol slightly decreased anxiety in highly shy people.

6-Dec-2018 11:55 AM EST

Social and Behavioral Sciences


Article ID: 704935

Support group aims to curb fears of talking about addiction at Sandia Labs

Sandia National Laboratories

A Sandia National Laboratories employee started a Family and Friends of Addicts Support Group to give the workforce a place to talk where others "get it."

4-Dec-2018 7:05 PM EST

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Article ID: 704765

Drug abuse viewed as the top health problem for Chicago youth

Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago

Chicago adults identified drug abuse, obesity, and child abuse and neglect as the top three big health problems for children and adolescents in the city, according to results from a new survey developed by Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago and the Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH).

3-Dec-2018 10:05 AM EST

Article ID: 704766

Alcohol Intake May Be Key to Long-term Weight Loss for People with Diabetes

University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing

A new study from the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing (Penn Nursing) suggests that alcohol consumption may attenuate long-term weight loss in adults with Type 2 diabetes.

3-Dec-2018 10:05 AM EST

Article ID: 704698

Many diseases increase the risks of hip fracture surgery

University of Eastern Finland

Parkinson's disease, osteoarthritis, rheumatic diseases, alcoholism and mental health disorders increase the risk of surgical complications after a hip fracture surgery, a new Finnish study analysing nationwide registers finds. 4.6% of all hip surgery patients and 10% of total hip replacement surgery patients experienced surgical complications within three months following their surgery.

30-Nov-2018 12:05 PM EST

Article ID: 704679

Study sheds light on alcohol misuse among never-deployed reservists

University at Buffalo

In a study of 174 Army Reserve and National Guard soldiers who hadn’t been deployed, researchers found that more negative non-deployment emotions were associated with a range of alcohol use outcomes.

30-Nov-2018 10:05 AM EST

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