Newswise — Pennington, NJ – The Electrochemical Society announces that for the first time, its popular Short Courses will be offered in a virtual online format in September 2021 and during the 240th ECS Meeting in October 2021. Live course instruction by the professors takes place online for three hours a day, for two days. Registration and cost information is on the ECS website.

ECS Short Courses are designed to deliver in-depth education for students and seasoned professionals on a wide range of electrochemical and solid state science topics. Novices and experts advance their technical expertise and knowledge through personalized instruction by academic and industry experts in an intensive short time period.

Upcoming course offerings:

September 19- 20, 2021 @ 1200h-1500h ET
Fundamentals of Electrochemistry: Basic Theory and Thermodynamic Methods

Dr. James Noël provides a general, basic foundation of electrochemistry which is used to develop the theory and experimental approaches to electrochemical problems of a thermodynamic nature. It complements the course, “Fundamentals of Electrochemistry: Basic Theory and Kinetic Methods” (see below). In 1998, Dr. Noël joined the University of Western Ontario, Canada, as a research scientist and became an assistant professor of chemistry in 2016. He worked on corrosion issues in the nuclear industry while employed by Ontario Hydro Research and Atomic Energy of Canada Limited. Dr. Noël is an active participant in public science outreach activities, developing and presenting chemistry demonstrations for potential young scientists from preschool to high school. Register now for this course.

Early registration discount pricing deadline: August 16, 2021
Last day to register: September 13, 2021

October 10-11, 2021 @ 0800h-1100h ET (During the 240th ECS Meeting)

Advanced Impedance Spectroscopy
Dr. Mark Orazem delivers a basic understanding of the technique, sources of errors in impedance measurements, manner in which experiments can be optimized to reduce these errors, and use of graphical and regression methods to interpret measurements in terms of meaningful physical properties. He is a Distinguished Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Florida, U.S., where he holds the ExxonMobil Chemical Engineering Alumni and the University of Florida Research Foundation term professorships. Orazem is also Adjunct Professor at the Beijing University of Chemical Technology, China. He is co-author with Bernard Tribollet of the CNRS, Paris, of the textbook, Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy.

Fundamentals of Electrochemistry: Basic Theory and Kinetic Methods
Dr. James Noël covers the basic theory and application of electrochemical science for people with a physical sciences or engineering background who have not been trained as electrochemists, but want to add electrochemical methods to their research approaches. This is the sister course of Dr. Noel’s September course (see above). In 1998, he joined the University of Western Ontario, Canada, as a research scientist, and became assistant professor of chemistry in 2016. He worked on corrosion issues in the nuclear industry while employed by Ontario Hydro Research and Atomic Energy of Canada Limited. 

Lithium-Ion Battery Safety and Failure Modes
Thomas P. Barrera and Joshua Lamb deliver a foundation for understanding the general principles of LIB safety hazards and failure modes analysis. Barrera is President of Lithium-Ion Battery (LIB)-X Consulting, an independent technical consulting firm specializing in the design, manufacturing, testing, and safety engineering of LIB power systems. Lamb is the Principal Member of the Technical Staff at Sandia National Laboratories where he performs battery safety and abuse testing as part of the Power Sources Technology Group’s Battery Abuse Test Laboratory programs. 

Operation and Exploitation of Electrochemical Capacitor Technology
Dr. John R. Miller gives technologists a basic understanding, necessary tools, and sufficient operating information to allow direct and successful advancement and/or exploitation of electrochemical capacitor technology. Dr. Miller is President and Founder (1989) of JME, Inc., and Adjunct Professor in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department at Case Western Reserve University, U.S. He assisted in the development and market introduction of several electrochemical capacitor products now available for industrial, military, and medical applications. 

240th ECS Meeting Short Courses require a meeting registration. To sign up only for 240th ECS Meeting Short Courses—not for the full meeting—select “Zero-fee Short Course Only meeting registration” when registering. Please note that non-zero fee based meeting registrants also receive a discount on associated short course meeting registrations. Learn more by visiting

Early registration discount pricing deadline: September 13, 2021
Last day to register: October 4, 2021

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