NEW YORK, April 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- ResoluteAI, the Connect to Discover company, today announced the launch of Nebula, its enterprise search solution for scientific organizations. Nebula tags and categorizes users' content, connecting their proprietary information to ResoluteAI's  platform of comprehensive scientific databases.

"Nebula deploys domain-specific artificial intelligence on the institutional knowledge that is mission critical to science-driven enterprises," said Steve Goldstein, CEO of ResoluteAI. "Nebula lets our clients find, analyze, and visualize their own data that was - until now - unsearchable in existing storage and knowledge management systems."

Nebula ingests content in any file format - text, video, audio, embedded documents, and more - from any storage system - SharePoint, Azure Blob, S3, Box, Dropbox, and the like - and creates Precision Metadata that can then be applied to connecting concepts, ideas, and discoveries across an organization.

"We are extremely interested in products that apply artificial intelligence to enable search of our proprietary scientific and technical content, and believe that ResoluteAI provides a practical, user-friendly and smart solution," said Mike Dale, Digital R&D Director of Unilever. "We are truly excited about Nebula's potential impact on our internal knowledge management, and anticipate significant benefits to our organization as we continue with the deployment."

"Our Foundation solution already creates structured metadata from unstructured content that's available via public databases," said Matt Doherty, CTO & Founder of ResoluteAI. "Nebula applies ResoluteAI's signature search techniques to proprietary enterprise data, analyzing and tagging enormous inventories of legacy content. We allow teams to find anything, anywhere, like an image in a PowerPoint, a phrase in a video, or a graph in a document."

Foundation is ResoluteAI's discovery engine for scientific content - a multi-source research hub that accesses scientific content about patents, companies, grants, clinical trials, publications, and technology transfer opportunities to be searched as if they're single-source. Nebula can be connected to external content through Foundation, bridging the gap between proprietary information retrieval and public content search.

Early customers like Unilever are using Nebula to uncover information trapped in hard-to-search formats, and have been setting alerts to stay informed of new research their colleagues are contributing to team projects. Only ResoluteAI is focused on science-driven enterprises with first class bio/cheminformatics support and developer free-implementation.

About ResoluteAI
ResoluteAI, the Connect to Discover company, creates search tools for science. Leveraging cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning, ResoluteAI's discovery engine is trained on millions of documents, making the conceptual connections that help users discover new areas of study, and the innovation white spaces in their industry. Making information retrieval seamless, ResoluteAI allows users to research, uncover, integrate, and connect the most relevant data sources, at scale. In 2018, ResoluteAI was named Best Emerging Company by AI World.

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