Abstract:Background: Multiple studies have focused on stem cell-based therapies for growth plate injury.However, the results are not consistent.Objectives: This systematic review and meta-analysis were performed to evaluate the effects of stem cells on growth plate healing.Methods: A detailed search of relevant studies was conducted in three databases including Pub med, Cochrane library, and Embase databases, using the following keywords: “growth plate” or “physis” AND “stem cell” from inception to November 10, 2021. The standard mean difference (SMD) and 95% confidence interval (CI) for each individual study were extracted from the original studies based on relevant data and pooled to obtain integrated estimates using random effects modeling.Results: A total of 6 studies were identified. The results demonstrated that the angular deformity in the stem cell group was significantly lower than that in the control group at 4, 8,12 and 16weeks. The length discrepancy represented the degree of shortening deformity. In the stem cell group, the shortening deformity was milder than that of the control group at 16weeks. Meanwhile, at 16 weeks after surgery, the higher histologic scores in the stem cell group indicated that stem cell can significantly improve the repair quality of growth plate.Conclusions: This systematic review and meta-analysis confirmed that stem cell improved the rehabilitation of growth plate injury. However, larger-scale studies are needed to further support these findings.

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