Michael Prather, Distinguished Professor of Earth System Science at the University of California, Irvine, is a review editor with the IPCC and has intimate knowledge of the process for preparing IPCC reports. He is available for media interviews.


More information about Professor Prather:

  • Seeks to assess the impacts of humans on atmospheric composition within both scientific and policy arenas. Research areas include: the chemically reactive greenhouse gases, particularly methane and ozone; understanding the factors controlling their past and projected abundances; and quantifying their role in climate change, including mitigation options.
  • Focuses on simulation of the physical, chemical and biological processes that determine atmospheric composition.
  • Develops detailed numerical models of photochemistry and atmospheric radiation plus global chemical transport models that describe ozone and other trace gases.
  • Examines chemical coupling and non-linearities in the atmosphere that control global cycling of the greenhouse gases.
  • Expert in human impact on atmosphere composition, greenhouse gases (specifically methane and ozone), computer modeling of the atmosphere and public policy.

Prather lab website: https://www.ess.uci.edu/researchgrp/prather/home