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Breast, Cancer, Surgery, Survival

Timing of Breast Cancer Surgery Doesn't Appear to Influence Survival Anymore

Is it possible that young women with breast cancer live longer if the operation to remove the cancer is performed during the middle of the menstrual cycle rather that at beginning? The answer depends on how long ago the surgery was done.


AIDS, Thymus, Diagnosis, Treatment, Pediatric

Thymus Research Shows Promise for Diagnosis and Treatment in Some Pediatric AIDS Patients

Emory University research into the role of the thymus in HIV - particularly in children - has uncovered new knowledge that may lead to improved diagnosis, prognosis and possible treatment in some pediatric patients.


Johns, Hopkins, Heart, Attack, Mitochondria, ATP, Adenosine, Triphosphate, Ischemia, Diazoxide

Tiny Molecular Channels Key To Protecting Heart During Attack

Researchers at Johns Hopkins have come one step closer to understanding the chain of events that protects the heart against injury during a heart attack, paving the way for the development of a new class of drugs to treat people at risk.


Freeze, Dried, Sperm, Transgenic, mice, Lines, Storage

Live Mice from Dead Sperm

In a technical tour-de-force right out of the pages of yesterday's science fiction, researchers at the University of Hawaii School of Medicine have fertilized eggs from mice with reconstituted -- but nonetheless dead -- freeze-dried sperm to develop normal live mice.


Molecular, Evolution, Artificial, Micelles, Protein, Production

Evolution in Man-Made Cells

The problem of developing effective protein-based drugs has always been that there is as much serendipity as skill in tinkering with the seeming perfection of proteins as they appear in nature. By placing genetic information into a test tube along with the enzymes necessary to copy it and ultimately translate it into the functional protein, proteins that have a desired function can be evolved by selection rather than created by design.


Artificial Blood, Cell Free Hemoglobin Vasoconstriction Radicals

Breathing New Life into Artificial Blood

The problem with blood is that there simply is not enough of it. As a result, researchers have been looking for safer and cheaper alternatives that can be used to save lives in transfusions. Now, two groups report different ways of engineering cell-free hemoglobin that make it a more effective carrier of oxygen, with important implications for the use of hemoglobin-based blood substitutes in the clinic


Bovine, Embryonic, stem, Es Like, Xenotransplantation, Transgenic

Cow Cells with Boundless Potential

Scientists have for the first time coaxed undifferentiated cells from a cow to reproduce indefinitely in culture, showing that they retain their ability to generate live transgenic animals. This procedure, previously possible only in mice, could provide a plentiful source of cells for transplant therapies for the treatment of human diseases.


HIV, AIDS, Treatment, Conference, Macrophages, Immune, T Cell

Macrophages: New Frontier in AIDS Research

While current treatments for HIV disease focus on attacking the virus, new research suggests another approach aimed at long-term survival: enhancing certain white blood cells (macrophages) to fight infections and restore immune system function.


Kitchen, Has, More, Germs, Than, Toilet, SEAT

Kitchen Harbors Most Illness-Causing Germs; Toilet Seat Has Least

The first university study performed in real homes shows the significant levels of illness-causing microorganisms in household kitchens and bathrooms and demonstrates the effectiveness of an intervention program designed to break the cycle of germ re-contamination.


Licorice, AIDS, Immunomodulation, Cell Mediated, Drugs, Japan, Maids

Licorice Extract, Other Drugs Repair AIDS-Linked Immune Imbalance

In results to be presented at the 12th International Conference on AIDS, University of Texas Medical Branch researchers found that a drug purified from licorice root, and two others, restored once-deficient immune systems in mice with an AIDS-like disease.

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