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Education, Medicine, Visualization, Technology, Networking, Liver, ear, Rectum

Virtual Reality Medical Training Test

Biomedical tele-immersion will be introduced by the University of Illinois at Chicago into the curriculum of surgical residents beginning in July, measuring if virtual reality technology, high-performance computing and high-speed networking can improve medical education.


Basal, cell, Carcinoma, skin, Cancer

Mouse Model for Basal Cell Carcinoma

A new line of transgenic mice, created by University of Michigan and the Hospital for Sick Children/University of Toronto researchers, will help scientists understand genetic and biochemical changes that cause basal cell carcinoma (Nature Genetics, 3-00).


Alzheimer's Disease, Interleukin, Polymorphism, Anti Inflammatory, Drugs, Inflammation, Italy

Interleukin Link to Alzheimer's Strengthened

Definitive evidence that a protein that spurs inflammation in the body also plays a role in Alzheimer's disease is reported by researchers in Italy and the U.S. (Annals of Neurology, 3-00).


Bypass, Surgery, Depression, Heart, Disease, Mental, Health

Depression After Bypass Surgery: Risk of Heart Problems

Recovery after coronary artery bypass surgery depends as much on the patient's state of mind as it does on the condition of the patient's heart, according to University of Maryland Medical Center and Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons researchers.


Chromosome, Genetics, Genome, LCR, Deletion, Syndrome

Chromosome 22 Structure Offers Clues to Lost Genes

Chromosome 22 yielded a few more secrets to The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia genetics researchers who analyzed details of the chromosome's structure and found evidence that sites with repetitive DNA sequences are prone to rearrangements that delete important genes (Human Molecular Genetics, 3-00).


Hemophilia, Genetics, Therapy, Adeno Associated, Virus, AAV, Blood, CLOT

Hemophilia Treatment Shows Promise

Researchers at Stanford University Medical Center and colleagues in Philadelphia have announced preliminary results for a gene therapy trial designed to test a new treatment for hemophilia B. (Nature Genetics, 3-00).


Heart, Disease, Heart, Attack, Angiogenesis, Ischemia, Infarction

Angiogenesis Factor: Myocardial Ischemia and Infarction

Linking Hypoxia-inducible factor to heart disease and heart attack in human patients suggests a defensive molecular mechanism launched by the body to protect against the damaging effects of oxygen deprivation on the heart, as reported by UCSD School of Medicine researchers in the March 2 NEJM.


Hemophilia, Genetics, Therapy, Safety, Clinical, Trials, AAV, Hematology

Gene Therapy for Hemophilia B: Safe and Effective

Encouraging early results for a novel gene therapy designed to improve the clinical course of the bleeding disorder hemophilia B. was reported by The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and Stanford University Medical Center researchers (Nature Genetics, 3-00).


Salty, Shrunken, Testicles, Follow Me, fish, Flab Fighting, Tights

New Scientist Tipsheet for 3-4-2000


UCSD, Martian, Meteorites, Planet, Atmosphere, Thiemens, Sulfur, Isotopes

Martian Meteorites: Clues to Atmosphere

Measurements of sulfur isotopes in five Martian meteorites have enabled University of California researchers to determine that the abundant sulfur on the surface of Mars is due largely to chemical reactions in the Red Planet's atmosphere that are similar to those that occur in Earth's atmosphere (Nature, 3-2-00).

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