Expert Finder Tools

Newswise provides a suite of tools to help journalists find an expert, including our Expert Pitch and Features sections, the Expert Query Form, the Newswise Contact Directory, our search engine, and the Breaking News and Feature Channels.

  • Expert Pitch
  • Expert Pitch allows Newswise members to post a short, rapid-response offer of an expert available for interview by the media. Expert Pitch releases should be focused on responding to a breaking news event being covered by major media outlets.


  • Expert Features
  • The Expert Available Feature type news release is intended for fully written news releases about an expert, such as a researcher with a book being published, or an op-ed written by a professor.  This type of article is typically about a researcher or institution, without being directly in response to a national breaking news story.


  • Expert Query Form

Newswise Contact Directory

This database of universities, colleges, and other research organizations is designed to help journalists find media contacts. This tool maintains contact information for media relations personnel and websites, and it may be searched by institution name, location, subject area, or institution type.


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