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Researchers Produce Record-Length Mirror-Image Protein

Study shows that a cellular 'chaperone' can also fold mirror-image proteins.
27-Jul-2014 7:00 PM EDT

Drug May Aid Multiple Myeloma Patients Who Suffer from Low Platelet Counts

A University of Utah School of Medicine-led study has identified a previously unknown but crucial component in the process to make platelets, a discovery that could help spare multiple myeloma patients from a dangerous side effect of the primary...
27-Jul-2014 6:00 PM EDT

University of Utah Researcher Robert Marc Receives Retina Research Foundation's 2014 Paul Kayser International Award in Retina Research


The award recognizes lifetime achievement by a vision scientist who has made a significant contribution to the understanding of vitreoretinal diseases or disorders
22-Jul-2014 1:00 PM EDT

Huntsman Cancer Institute to Set Up NIH National Clinical Trials Network Site

$3.6 million over five years will let the Institute establish a Network Lead Academic Participating Site.
17-Jul-2014 5:00 PM EDT

Drug Shows Promise for Effectively Treating Metabolic Syndrome

Researchers discover that enzyme involved in intracellular signaling plays a crucial role in developing metabolic syndrome, a finding that has a U of U spinoff company developing a drug to potentially treat the condition.
3-Jul-2014 2:15 PM EDT

University of Utah Researcher Receives $100,000 from Research to Prevent Blindness


Research to Prevent Blindness, a New York-based foundation, has announced that University of Utah researcher Wolfgang Baehr, Ph.D., will receive the Nelson Trust Award for Retinitis Pigmentosa—and an accompanying $100,000 to pursue new scientific...
26-Jun-2014 4:00 PM EDT

Early Post-Surgery Follow-up Visits to Primary Care Physicians Cuts Hospital Readmissions

Patients who have post-operative complications following high-risk surgery have a significantly lower risk of being readmitted to the hospital within 30 days if they go see their primary care physician soon following discharge, a new study in JAMA...
25-Jun-2014 5:50 PM EDT

A New Tool to Confront Lung Cancer


Published online in Cell Reports on June 19, Huntsman Cancer Institute investigators report that misregulation of two genes, sox2 and lkb1, drives squamous cell lung cancer in mice. The discovery uncovers new treatment strategies, and provides a...
19-Jun-2014 12:00 PM EDT

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