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Why Food Will Continue to Get Safer

The days of widespread foodborne illness outbreaks may be waning as researchers find faster, more precise ways to detect and prevent food contamination, reports the latest interview series from FutureFood 2050.
19-Mar-2015 11:05 AM EDT

Seafood Companies Embrace Traceability, Provides Benefits for Businesses and Consumers

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), total global capture and aquaculture production of fish reached over 177 million tons in 2012. With greater demands, there will be a need for the seafood industry to trace products from the...
16-Mar-2015 12:30 PM EDT

What Makes Your Beer Green for St. Patrick’s Day?

During the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day it’s common to observe the holiday by eating green eggs and ham and drinking green beer. But what actually gives your food that color, and is it safe? Institute of Food Technologists spokesperson...
13-Mar-2015 6:05 PM EDT

Sandwich Wins Popularity Contest at Home and on the Road

Portable, compact, convenient and customizable, the American population consumes more than 300 million sandwiches per day according to the History Channel. On a daily basis, 49 percent of U.S. adults eat at least one sandwich, and on average 3.6...
12-Mar-2015 5:05 PM EDT

Global Spices Bring the World to Your Table

For a trip around the world, look no further than your spice rack says senior associate editor Karen Nachay in her article about how authentic global ingredients and spices from around the world are reflected in menu options and packaged foods. This...
12-Mar-2015 5:05 PM EDT

Peanuts May Help Prevent Foodborne Illness

A high concentration of beneficial gut flora, called probiotics, may prevent foodborne illnesses caused by intestinal bacterial pathogens. A new study in the March issue of the Journal of Food Science, published by the Institute of Food...
12-Mar-2015 5:05 PM EDT

Hibiscus Leaf May Help Treat Melanoma

Previous studies have demonstrated that polyphenolic compounds in edible plants have various pharmacological benefits, such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic, and anti-atherogenic effects. A new study in the Journal of Food...
12-Mar-2015 5:05 PM EDT

Journal of Food Science Supplement Looks at Role of Dairy Proteins in Nutrition and Food Science

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) projects the world population will increase more than nine billion people by 2050, which means food production will have to increase by 70 percent to meet the demand for adequate nutrition. According to...
12-Mar-2015 5:05 PM EDT

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