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Being Active Saves Lives Whether a Gym Workout, Walking to Work or Washing the Floor


The Prospective Urban Rural Epidemiology (PURE) study, led by the Population Health Research Institute of McMaster University and Hamilton Health Sciences, shows any activity is good for people to meet the current guideline of 30 minutes of activity...
20-Sep-2017 3:15 PM EDT Add to Favorites

Antidepressants Associated with Significantly Elevated Risk of Death, Researchers Find

Antidepressant medications, most commonly prescribed to reduce depression and anxiety, increase the risk of death, according to new findings by a McMaster-led team of researchers.
14-Sep-2017 12:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

International Study Shows Moderate Consumption of Fats and Carbohydrates Best for Health


Research with more than 135,000 people across five continents has shown that a diet which includes a moderate intake of fat and fruits and vegetables, and avoidance of high carbohydrates, is associated with lower risk of death.
25-Aug-2017 4:45 PM EDT Add to Favorites

Researchers Find Combination Therapy Works Best for Heart Diseases


A major international study has found that the combination of two drugs – rivaroxaban and aspirin -- is superior to aspirin alone in preventing further heart complications in people with vascular disease.
25-Aug-2017 2:30 PM EDT Add to Favorites

Healthy Diet Could Decrease Gestational Diabetes Risk for South Asian Women in Ontario

Research was based on data from the START Birth Cohort study, which includes more than 1,000 women in their second trimester of pregnancy.
9-Aug-2017 11:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

New Genes Discovered Regulating Brain Metastases in Lung Cancer Patients

The researchers set out to find which genes can regulate the cells that initiate brain metastases - what are the genes that are sending the signal to leave the lung tumour, go into the blood stream, invade the blood-brain barrier and form a tumour...
8-Aug-2017 1:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

Scientists Discover Biological Markers Which Could Lead to Better Treatments for Cystic Fibrosis Patients


Researchers have identified two new biological markers of cystic fibrosis (CF), a genetic disease which affects children and young adults, leaving them with lifelong health complications including digestive problems and persistent lung...
27-Jul-2017 1:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

Scientists Develop New Supplement That Can Repair, Rejuvenate Muscles in Older Adults


Whey protein supplements aren’t just for gym buffs according to new research from McMaster University. When taken on a regular basis, a combination of these and other ingredients in a ready-to-drink formula have been found to greatly improve the...
17-Jul-2017 2:30 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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Care Planning Conversations: Elderly Deserve to Have Their Voices Heard

A new $2.7 million Canadian study is aiming to narrow the gap between the care that frail elderly Canadians want and the care that they receive by evaluating ways to improve care planning conversations between patients, families and health...
6-Sep-2017 9:05 AM EDT

"Stupidity Is in Fashion": Prominent Social Critic Available to Discuss US Debate


19-Oct-2016 9:05 AM EDT

McMaster University Ancient Coins Expert Available to Discuss Trove of Roman Coins Unearthed in Spain.

29-Apr-2016 2:05 PM EDT

Mummy Expert Available to Discuss Possible Discovery of New Chambers in Tut’s Tomb

17-Mar-2016 11:05 AM EDT

Is Donald Trump Unstoppable? Cultural Expert Available on Trump’s Momentum


3-Mar-2016 9:05 AM EST

How Low Can They Go? Civil Discourse Expert Available on Republican Race

26-Feb-2016 11:05 AM EST

Physicist Available to Discuss Gravitational Waves

11-Feb-2016 9:05 AM EST

Expert Available to Comment on Lead Poisoning Crisis in Flint


26-Jan-2016 10:05 AM EST

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