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New Surfaces Delay Ice Formation

"People intuitively know that frost can be bad," said Amy Betz, a professor in mechanical engineering at Kansas State University. Betz and her colleagues have created a surface that can significantly delay frost formation, even at temperatures of...
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Double the (Quantum) Fun


A group of researchers in Japan is exploring the behavior of a certain type of SET (single-electron transistor) made from two quantum dots, which are bits of material so small they start to exhibit quantum properties. The group has produced a...
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AIP's 2015 Physics Nobel Prize Resources Page

The 2015 Nobel Prize in physics was awarded today to Takaaki Kajita and Arthur B. McDonald for "the discovery of neutrino oscillations, which shows that neutrinos have mass." To help journalists and the public understand the context of this work,...
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Physics Today Magazine Hires New Editor-in-Chief


The American Institute of Physics (AIP) announced today that physicist, editor and science writer Charles Day will soon assume the role of Editor-in-Chief of Physics Today ( the world's most influential and closely...
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The Stealthy Rise of Fusion on the West Coast, the U.S. Isotope Program, the Origins of High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound, Probing the Cosmic Web, Improving Particle Beam Imaging, and More


The following articles are freely available online from Physics Today (, the world's most influential and closely followed magazine devoted to physics and the physical science community.
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Extending a Battery's Lifetime with Heat


Over time, the electrodes inside a rechargeable battery cell can grow tiny, branch-like filaments called dendrites, causing short circuits that kill the battery or even ignite it in flames. But thanks to new experiments and computer simulations,...
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Controlling Evaporative Patterning Transitions

The primary mechanism behind evaporative patterning has long been known: water evaporates faster at the edges of drops, which gives rise to a fluid flow carrying dissolved substances all the way to the edges. There, aggregates form, leading to...
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Iron-Gallium Alloy Shows Promise as a Power-Generation Device


An alloy first made nearly two decades ago by the U. S. Navy could provide an efficient new way to produce electricity. The material, dubbed Galfenol, consists of iron doped with the metal gallium. In new experiments, a team of researchers has shown...
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Comment Available on 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics

6-Oct-2015 6:05 AM EDT

Under the Microscope: 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry; AIP Congratulates Eric Betzig, Stefan Hell and William Moerner

8-Oct-2014 10:45 AM EDT

Shedding Light on 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics: AIP CEO Fred Dylla Available for Comment on Significance of Blue LEDs for Science and Society

7-Oct-2014 6:00 AM EDT

Experts Available and Audio Commentary: Nobel Prize in Physics

4-Oct-2012 4:55 PM EDT

The Spin Racket: Ping-Pong Champs Are Intuitive Masters of Fluid Dynamics

Curve balls may help a pitcher strike out batters in baseball; and some nasty spin can make an opponent sweat to return a tennis serve. But more so than in any other ball game, in table tennis – where the ball is so light and so small –dedicated...
8-Aug-2012 10:00 AM EDT

Experts Available: Fluid Dynamics and Ship Experts Discuss the Science of the Costa Concordia

When the cruise liner Costa Concordia drew too close to shore near the Italian island of Giglio, a large rocky outcrop quickly sliced through the ship’s hull. While many questions about the dynamics at play during that disaster remain unanswered,...
27-Feb-2012 8:00 AM EST

Experts Available: Nobel Prize in Physics – Discovery, Impacts, and History

The Nobel Prize in Physics will be announced Tuesday, October 4. The prize is given for the most groundbreaking and influential research. Its history chronicles many of the discoveries that underpin not only modern technology, but also our...
30-Sep-2011 11:00 AM EDT

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