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James Kakalios Wins 2016 Gemant Award From AIP


James Kakalios, a successful book author and accomplished physicist at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, is the winner of the 2016 Andrew Gemant Award, an annual prize recognizing significant contributions to the cultural, artistic or...
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Minimalist Swimming Microrobots


When scaling down robots to the micrometer scale for tiny tasks such as incising tissue and puncturing retinal veins, minimalism is key. To make smaller, simpler microrobots, researchers at Drexel University have developed a fabrication method which...
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Exploring Superconducting Properties of 3-D Printed Parts


While many techniques can be used for 3-D printing with metals, most rely on computer-controlled melting or sintering of a metal alloy powder by a laser or electron beam. The mechanical properties of parts produced by this method have been well...
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PASCO to Host AAPT ‘Celebration of Physics’ Evening

During the American Association of Physics Teachers’ (AAPT) summer meeting, being held July 16-20, 2016, PASCO is hosting AAPT at its facilities in Roseville, California. The evening will include a picnic dinner, tours of PASCO’s physics...
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American Association of Physics Teachers Hosts High School Physics Teachers

The American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) invites high school physics teachers from across the country to a meeting where they may find their next best classroom resource. The High School Physics Teachers’ Day is held to introduce...
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American Association of Physics Teachers Summer Meeting Addresses “Hot” Topics in Physics and Beyond

Over 1,000 physics teachers and students will converge on Sacramento, California on July 16-20, at the Sacramento Convention Center where attendees will participate in an agenda that goes beyond presentations. Planned sessions will not exclusively...
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Mathematical Models Explain East-West Asymmetry of Jet Lag Recovery

Travelers frequently report experiencing a significantly slower jet lag recovery after an eastward vs. westward flight. While some are quick to dismiss this complaint as being “all in their head,” new research suggests it may be caused by the...
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Extending Terahertz Technology to Obtain Highly Accurate Thickness of Automotive Paint

In a novel approach to industrial applications of THz technology, a team of German researchers began from the principle that thicknesses of multilayered paint coatings can be measured using time-of-flight measurements of ultrashort THz pulses. The...
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Comment Available on 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics

6-Oct-2015 6:05 AM EDT

Under the Microscope: 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry; AIP Congratulates Eric Betzig, Stefan Hell and William Moerner

8-Oct-2014 10:45 AM EDT

Shedding Light on 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics: AIP CEO Fred Dylla Available for Comment on Significance of Blue LEDs for Science and Society

7-Oct-2014 6:00 AM EDT

Experts Available and Audio Commentary: Nobel Prize in Physics

4-Oct-2012 4:55 PM EDT

The Spin Racket: Ping-Pong Champs Are Intuitive Masters of Fluid Dynamics

Curve balls may help a pitcher strike out batters in baseball; and some nasty spin can make an opponent sweat to return a tennis serve. But more so than in any other ball game, in table tennis – where the ball is so light and so small –dedicated...
8-Aug-2012 10:00 AM EDT

Experts Available: Fluid Dynamics and Ship Experts Discuss the Science of the Costa Concordia

When the cruise liner Costa Concordia drew too close to shore near the Italian island of Giglio, a large rocky outcrop quickly sliced through the ship’s hull. While many questions about the dynamics at play during that disaster remain unanswered,...
27-Feb-2012 8:00 AM EST

Experts Available: Nobel Prize in Physics – Discovery, Impacts, and History

The Nobel Prize in Physics will be announced Tuesday, October 4. The prize is given for the most groundbreaking and influential research. Its history chronicles many of the discoveries that underpin not only modern technology, but also our...
30-Sep-2011 11:00 AM EDT

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