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Answering the Call for Hope


As the NJ Hopeline moves into its second year, the state’s suicide prevention hotline operated by Rutgers counts its success one call at a time.
4-Sep-2014 1:00 PM EDT

Reacting to Personal Setbacks: Do You Bounce Back or Give Up?


Sometimes when people get upsetting news – such as a failing exam grade or a negative job review – they decide instantly to do better the next time. In other situations that are equally disappointing, the same people may feel inclined to just...
3-Sep-2014 12:00 PM EDT

Rutgers Names Gary Aston-Jones Director of Brain Health Institute


Gary Aston-Jones, one of the world’s leading neuroscientists, has been selected to lead Rutgers University’s Brain Health Institute, as Rutgers enhances its stature as one of the leading premier sites for basic and clinical research into the...
2-Sep-2014 10:25 AM EDT

Yoga Relieves Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

A new Rutgers study indicates that a specialized yoga program is beneficial to everyday living for those with multiple sclerosis. After an eight-week trial, the Rutgers School of Health Related Professions found that participants had better balance,...
2-Sep-2014 10:00 AM EDT

Racial and Ethnic Stereotypes May Contribute to Obesity Among Minorities


For members of minority groups, maintaining a healthy weight can be especially difficult according to new research led by Luis Rivera, an experimental social psychologist at Rutgers University-Newark. Rivera says it is common for minorities in...
25-Aug-2014 10:00 AM EDT

A Grandmother’s Promise


Watching her granddaughter’s fatal suffering from a rare disease turned Rutgers employee Cheryl Daniels into an advocate for a change in mandatory newborn screening laws.
25-Aug-2014 8:00 AM EDT

Bringing the Art Museum to the Classroom


Students engage their creativity by exploring art and writing through an innovative partnership between Rutgers Zimmerli Art Museum and K-12 schools
14-Jul-2014 11:00 AM EDT

Working to Loosen the Grip of Severe Mental Illness


In newly published research in the journal Neuron, Michael Cole of Rutgers has determined that the underlying brain architecture of a person at rest is basically the same as that of a person performing a variety of tasks. This is important to the...
9-Jul-2014 4:10 PM EDT

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An Update on Bacterial Meningitis and Other Important Vaccine News


With school underway and flu season not far behind, vaccinations are on people’s minds again, or at least they should be – according to experts such as George DiFerdinando Jr. who keep track of how disease spreads and the best ways to prevent...
18-Sep-2014 10:00 AM EDT

As Ebola Rages, Controlling the Deadly Spread


As the out-of-control Ebola epidemic continues, an infectious disease physician and a medical historian -- both at Rutgers University -- discuss the risk for Americans, lessons from medical history, and treating people already at risk.
25-Aug-2014 10:00 AM EDT

My Two Dads: Does Gender Matter When Raising Children?


In a book published this month, a Rutgers law professor examines what makes a good parent and how marriage equality improves the welfare of children of same-sex couples
4-Jun-2014 3:00 PM EDT

Hot Topic: A Potentially Deadly Virus Comes to the U.S.


Physician and infectious disease researcher Nila Dharan of Rutgers New Jersey Medical School discusses the deadly virus MERS and what people can do to protect themselves.
23-May-2014 10:00 AM EDT

Expert Available for Supreme Court Decision on Gene Patenting

13-Jun-2013 1:00 PM EDT

First Heat Wave of Season Puts Elderly at Risk

Heat-related illnesses disproportionately affect the elderly and the first heatwave of the season can have a particularly acute impact. A geriatrician explains why and lists steps to keep elderly neighbors and relatives safe.
28-May-2013 5:00 PM EDT

Expert Urges National Dialogue to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse

To help children avoid the physical and mental consequences of sexual abuse, an internationally known child advocate and expert in prevention and treatment provides personal space and privacy messages pediatricians and parents can use.
8-Feb-2013 10:45 AM EST

Children, Teens at Risk for Lasting Emotional Impact From Hurricane Sandy

The unseen emotional aftershocks of Hurricane Sandy may linger for children who were in the storm's path. A noted psychologist discusses why children may experience PTSD and how parents and caregivers can help.
6-Nov-2012 10:25 AM EST

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