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Midlife Career Change Reinvents Businesswoman as Occupational Therapy Assistant


A successful sales executive turns to Rutgers program to help others reclaim their lives
30-Apr-2015 12:05 PM EDT

Community Living is Possible for Developmentally Disabled Adults, Say Rutgers Experts


Rutgers’ School of Public Health program shows families with developmentally disabled adults the opportunities for more independent living.
3-Apr-2015 9:00 AM EDT

Guiding Parents of Autistic Children Through the Medical Maze


A new book by a Rutgers pediatric neurologist and geneticist uses plain language to help parents of children on the autism spectrum maximize their office visits
10-Mar-2015 12:05 PM EDT

High School Actor With "Great Guy Hair" Shaves Head to Raise Money for Cancer Research


Teenager starts fundraising campaign at the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey by shaving his head.
4-Mar-2015 11:50 PM EST

Veterans Suicide Prevention Takes Critical Step Forward


What the Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention for American Veterans Act really means for veterans seeking mental health care
24-Feb-2015 10:35 AM EST

A New Liver and the Right Care Make a Rutgers Patient Feel Young Again


A liver transplant and the right follow-up care have Mati Muñoz, a patient at the liver transplant center at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, feeling younger and stronger at 65 than she has felt in a decade.
11-Feb-2015 12:05 PM EST

Alzheimer's and Dementia Caregivers Find Support


Care2Caregivers provides a peer-support lifeline to people caring for loved ones with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.
9-Feb-2015 7:55 AM EST

Mexican and Immigrant Health a Focus for Rutgers Educator


A Rutgers respiratory therapist spends her vacations in Mexico and along the U.S. border as a health educator
28-Jan-2015 11:15 AM EST

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Measles Outbreak: What You Need to Know

A Rutgers University infectious diseases expert discusses the myths and facts of the measles outbreak and the “vaccine gap” that has put certain adults at risk.
6-Feb-2015 2:00 PM EST

An Update on Bacterial Meningitis and Other Important Vaccine News


With school underway and flu season not far behind, vaccinations are on people’s minds again, or at least they should be – according to experts such as George DiFerdinando Jr. who keep track of how disease spreads and the best ways to prevent...
18-Sep-2014 10:00 AM EDT

As Ebola Rages, Controlling the Deadly Spread


As the out-of-control Ebola epidemic continues, an infectious disease physician and a medical historian -- both at Rutgers University -- discuss the risk for Americans, lessons from medical history, and treating people already at risk.
25-Aug-2014 10:00 AM EDT

My Two Dads: Does Gender Matter When Raising Children?


In a book published this month, a Rutgers law professor examines what makes a good parent and how marriage equality improves the welfare of children of same-sex couples
4-Jun-2014 3:00 PM EDT

Hot Topic: A Potentially Deadly Virus Comes to the U.S.


Physician and infectious disease researcher Nila Dharan of Rutgers New Jersey Medical School discusses the deadly virus MERS and what people can do to protect themselves.
23-May-2014 10:00 AM EDT

Expert Available for Supreme Court Decision on Gene Patenting

13-Jun-2013 1:00 PM EDT

First Heat Wave of Season Puts Elderly at Risk

Heat-related illnesses disproportionately affect the elderly and the first heatwave of the season can have a particularly acute impact. A geriatrician explains why and lists steps to keep elderly neighbors and relatives safe.
28-May-2013 5:00 PM EDT

Expert Urges National Dialogue to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse

To help children avoid the physical and mental consequences of sexual abuse, an internationally known child advocate and expert in prevention and treatment provides personal space and privacy messages pediatricians and parents can use.
8-Feb-2013 10:45 AM EST

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