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Mind Over Matter: Can You Think Your Way to Strength?

Ohio University researchers find that regular mental imagery exercises help preserve arm strength during 4 weeks of immobilization. The article is published in the Journal of Neurophysiology and is highlighted as part of the APSselect program.
31-Dec-2014 2:00 PM EST

Maternal Insulin Resistance Changes Pancreas Development, Increases Risk of Metabolic Disorders in Offspring

Researchers from the Joslin Diabetes Center and the Department of Medicine at Harvard Medical School shed light on how changes to a mother’s metabolism lead to increased risk of insulin resistance, obesity and other problems in offspring.
2-Dec-2014 11:20 AM EST

Physiology Understanding Week 2014 Brings ‘PhUn’ to K–12 Students Across the U.S.

Physiologists from across the country will visit classrooms to lead students in interactive activities that demonstrate how their bodies function and teach how medical discoveries are made during PhUn Week 2014 (November 3–7).
5-Nov-2014 10:15 AM EST

Preventing Cardiovascular Disease in Old Aortas

Sargent College of Boston University researchers look for the root cause of age-related aortic stiffness—an early sign cardiovascular disease—and uncover a potential therapeutic target for reducing or preventing its development. The article is...
31-Oct-2014 11:30 AM EDT

Penguins Use Their Personalities to Prepare for Climate Change


Birds’ individual personalities may be among the factors that could improve its chances of successfully coping with environmental stressors. Research presented at the APS intersociety meeting “Comparative Approaches to Grand Challenges in...
7-Oct-2014 1:00 PM EDT

Responses to Global Change: Acclimatize, Adapt or Die

Human-driven climate change will put much of the Earth’s biodiversity at risk of extinction. This session will feature four presentations on how individual species are adapting to environmental changes. It will be presented on Tuesday, October 7,...
7-Oct-2014 1:00 PM EDT

Getting the Most out of Aquaculture: Pearls of Wisdom from Farmed Oysters

Australian researchers fit oysters with biosensors to measure how they respond to changing environmental conditions or stressors on aquaculture farms. Their results have implications for achieving and maintaining ideal conditions for targeted...
3-Oct-2014 4:00 PM EDT

Why Wet Feels Wet: Understanding the Illusion of Wetness

Though it seems simple, feeling that something is wet is quite a feat because our skin does not have receptors that sense wetness. UK researchers propose that wetness perception is intertwined with our ability to sense cold temperature and tactile...
1-Oct-2014 12:00 PM EDT

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