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Why Alcoholism Saps Muscle Strength

Researchers have found a common link between muscle weakness in alcoholics and mitochondrial disease: mitochondria that are unable to self-repair. The research could lead to both a new diagnostics for mitochondrial disease and a new drug target.
4/15/2014 8:40 AM EDT

Can Antibiotics Cause Autoimmunity?

A certain class of antibiotics prompts cells to produce low levels of novel self proteins that could trigger an autoimmune disease.
3/27/2014 10:00 AM EDT

Can Vitamin A Turn Back the Clock on Breast Cancer?

A derivative of vitamin A, known as retinoic acid, found abundantly in sweet potato and carrots, helps turn pre-cancer cells back to normal healthy breast cells, which may help explain why some clinical studies have been unable to see a benefit of...
3/31/2014 8:40 AM EDT

Radiation Therapy and Cancer Vaccines: Timing Is Everything

Combining radiation with immnotherapy can boost cancer killing. Now a team from Thomas Jefferson University has shown that the boost works best when the therapies are sequenced correctly.
3/19/2014 3:00 PM EDT

Breast Cancer Treatment Selection Is Improved by Genomic Tests at Jefferson Breast Care Center

Genomic testing that determines the molecular subtype of a woman’s breast cancer provides a more precise prognosis and valuable guidance about the most effective avenue of treatment.
12/3/2013 12:55 PM EST

Novel Agent Set for Unique Clinical Test in Inflammatory Breast Cancer

A drug now used to treat a type of lymphoma has shown surprising benefit in preclinical studies of inflammatory breast cancer
12/10/2013 3:00 PM EST

Making Sense of Sensation in Autism

Occupational therapy helps children with autism improve their ability to perform everyday better than standard behavioral therapy.
11/25/2013 9:15 AM EST

No Canine Rabies, No Canine Babies: Smaller Exposure Risks to Both Children and Adults

Thomas Jefferson University is developing a single dose rabies and contraceptive vaccine to reduce the infection's human mortality rates worldwide as part of their Grand Challenges Explorations award, an initiative funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates...
11/20/2013 11:55 AM EST

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