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New Approach for Treating ALS

Blocking molecules involved in ALS-drug resistance may improve how well ALS therapeutics work, suggesting that re-evaluation of drugs that appeared to have failed might be appropriate
18-Nov-2014 8:00 AM EST

Fat a Culprit in Fibrotic Lung Damage

Researchers debate whether the lung tissue in pulmonary fibrosis is directly damaged, or whether immune cells initiate the scarring process – an important distinction when trying to find new ways to battle the disease. Now research shows that both...
17-Nov-2014 10:05 AM EST

Killing Cancer by Protecting Normal Cells

An anti-cancer drug protects normal cells from radiation damage and increases the effectiveness of radiation therapy in prostate cancer models
10-Nov-2014 8:00 AM EST

Novel Cancer Vaccine Approach for Brain Tumors

Researchers unravel the mechanisms behind a novel cancer vaccine for brain tumors, paving the way for further development
10-Nov-2014 8:25 AM EST

Hormone Loss Could Be Involved in Colon Cancer

Like diabetes, colon cancer may be caused in part by the loss of one hormone, suggesting hormone replacement therapy could stall cancer formation.
6-Oct-2014 8:00 AM EDT

Circulating Tumor Cells Provide Genomic Snapshot of Breast Cancer

Tumor cells isolated from the blood of patients with triple negative breast cancer reveal similar cancer-driving mutations as those detected from standard biopsy, suggesting that circulating cells could one day replace tissue biopsies
6-Oct-2014 8:45 AM EDT

Conspicuous tRNA Lookalikes Riddle the Human Genome

A new discovery suggests that the number of human genomic loci that might be coding for tRNAs is nearly double what is currently known.
8-Oct-2014 12:30 PM EDT

MRSA Biofilms in Joint Fluid Make Infections Tough to Tackle

Scientists from Thomas Jefferson University and the National Institutes of Health come one step closer to understanding the difficulty of treating joint infection. Biofilm formation plays a role.
1-Oct-2014 2:00 PM EDT

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