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Coming Up with Explanations Helps Children Develop Cause-and-Effect Thinking Skills

Children learn more effectively when they are asked to explain and explore, new UT Austin research shows
4/22/2014 12:00 PM EDT

Shade Grown Coffee Shrinking as a Proportion of Global Coffee Production


According to a new study, over the past couple of decades, global coffee production has been shifting towards a more intensive, less environmentally friendly style. That's pretty surprising if you live in the U.S. and you've gone to the grocery...
4/15/2014 5:00 PM EDT

Childhood Adversity Launches Lifelong Relationship and Health Disadvantages for Black Men

New UT Austin study finds childhood adversity launches a lifelong process of relationship and health disadvantage for African-American men.
3/3/2014 2:00 PM EST

Brain Scans Show We Take Risks Because We Can’t Stop Ourselves


A new study correlating brain activity with how people make decisions suggests that when individuals engage in risky behavior, such as drunk driving or unsafe sex, it’s probably not because their brains’ desire systems are too active, but...
2/4/2014 5:00 PM EST

Foodways Texas Moves to UT Austin's American Studies Department


Foodways Texas, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving, promoting and honoring the Lone Star State’s unique food cultures, has moved to the American Studies Department at UT Austin.
2/4/2014 1:00 PM EST

Four Landscape Projects Bring Total to 30 Certified by National Sustainability Rating System

The Sustainable Sites Initiative™ (SITES™) program has certified landscapes at a federal courthouse in New Mexico, a Washington, D.C. elementary school, a campus plaza in Washington, D.C., and an urban plaza in Washington state.
2/4/2014 10:00 AM EST

Digital Archive to House 100 Years of Historical Documents from World’s First Black Mental Institution


UT professor King Davis is leading a project to digitize and preserve records from the archive of the world’s first mental institution for African Americans.
1/23/2014 12:00 PM EST

Parents Accidentally Confuse Their Children’s Names More Often When the Names Sound Alike

Psychology researchers find parents set themselves up for speech errors when they give their children similar-sounding names.
1/13/2014 12:55 PM EST

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Experts Available to Talk About Research Related to Breast Cancer and Health Literacy

October is Breast Cancer Awareness and Health Literacy Month. Researchers at The University of Texas at Austin are available to discuss their research on detecting and coping with breast cancer, as well as research that may improve health literacy...
9/30/2011 3:00 PM EDT

Nursing and Health Experts

University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing researchers studying memory improvement, bullying, Hispanics and diabetes and obesity in children.
4/29/2011 1:00 PM EDT

Experts Available To Share Insight on FDA Move to Require Graphic Images on Cigarette Packs and Other Health Communication Topics

Advertising and health communication experts from The University of Texas at Austin are available to discuss strategies for effective public health campaigns, communicating risk, communicating with low health-literate audiences and communicating...
11/15/2010 3:00 PM EST

University of Texas at Austin Experts Help Shape Border Debate

As Americans continue to debate immigration reform, border enforcement and Arizona's recent legislation, experts from The University of Texas at Austin are offering their views on these issues through a series of online videos.
7/22/2010 10:45 AM EDT

Experts Available to Discuss Border Violence and Immigration Issues

Experts at The University of Texas at Austin are available to discuss a host of topics relating to immigration reform and the border – from the rise in U.S.-Mexico border violence, to the consequences of Arizona’s new immigration law.
5/6/2010 12:25 PM EDT

Experts Available to Share Job Seeking Tips for New and Recent Graduates

Faculty and staff experts at The University of Texas at Austin are available to share their insight on job-seeking strategies for new graduates, the role of social media in job seeking, trends in campus recruiting, the link between education and a...
4/20/2010 2:50 PM EDT

Experts for Earth Day 2010: Researchers Offer Environmental Perspectives

Earth Day 2010 will be celebrated on Thursday, April 22. Faculty experts from The University of Texas at Austin are available to discuss their research on topics ranging from building sustainable communities to plant ecology and environmental...
4/16/2010 1:00 PM EDT

Experts Available to Discuss Earthquake in Haiti

Experts at The University of Texas at Austin's College of Liberal Arts are available to discuss a host of earthquake-related topics, from disaster response and relief to social and political conflicts to the causes and effects of large-scale natural...
1/15/2010 4:45 PM EST

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