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Obese Americans Get Less Than One Minute of Vigorous Activity Per Day, Research Shows

Researchers at the University of South Carolina have validated a new method for calculating physical activity, sedentary behavior, and the food energy requirements of Americans. The results suggest that as a nation, we spend more than 15 hours per...
2/12/2014 10:55 AM EST

Study Shows Drop in Crime Rates Are Less Where Wal-Mart Builds

Communities across the United States experienced an unprecedented decline in crime in the 1990s. But for counties where Wal-Mart built stores, the decline wasn’t nearly as dramatic. The study, titled “Rolling back prices and raising crime...
2/7/2014 1:00 PM EST

Half of Black Males, 40 Percent of White Males Arrested by Age 23

Nearly half of black males and almost 40 percent of white males in the U.S. are arrested by age 23, which can hurt their ability to find work, go to school and participate fully in their communities. A new study released Monday (Jan. 6) in the...
1/6/2014 8:00 AM EST

U of SC Darla Moore School of Business Dean Named


Peter Brews has been named dean of the top-ranked Darla Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina.
12/17/2013 11:00 AM EST

40 Years of Federal Nutrition Research Fatally Flawed

Four decades of nutrition research funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) may be invalid because the method used to collect the data was seriously flawed, according to a new study by the Arnold School of Public Health at the...
10/9/2013 5:00 PM EDT

U of SC to Host Launch of the Encyclopedia of Hinduism Aug. 26


The international edition of the Encyclopedia of Hinduism, the most comprehensive work to document the world's oldest living tradition, will be unveiled at the University of South Carolina Monday, Aug. 26, where the project began more than 25 years...
8/12/2013 8:00 PM EDT

Study First to Validate That Singing Can Help People Learn a Foreign Language


It's been a long-held belief by many that singing in a foreign language can help you learn that language. A new study provides the first scientific evidence to affirm that claim. The finding is particularly relevant as internationalization increases...
8/6/2013 9:55 AM EDT

Mapping Sea Salt From Orbit: Building Better Ocean and Climate Models


Climate is greatly influenced by the flow of heat energy carried by ocean currents. But precisely quantifying the mixing between the ocean and the atmosphere is hampered by a lack of detail in models of the ocean and of the water cycle. And in both...
5/31/2013 9:00 AM EDT

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UofSC Researchers Available to Discuss All Aspects of Tobacco Use and Cessation

4/14/2014 9:30 AM EDT

University of South Carolina Autism Awareness Month Faculty Experts List

April is Autism Awareness Month and World Autism Awareness Day is April 2. To help reporters develop stories about autism spectrum disorder, the University of South Carolina has compiled a list of faculty experts. To interview a faculty member,...
3/28/2014 3:10 PM EDT

UofSC Children's Lit Experts Can Discuss International Children's Book Day April 2

3/27/2014 10:20 AM EDT

Brain Injury Awareness Month Faculty Experts

March is national Brain Injury Awareness Month. The University of South Carolina has many distinguished neuroscience researchers who study brain injury resulting from stroke, sports and physical injury and cognitive and movement disorders.
3/14/2014 4:40 PM EDT

UofSC Law Professor Can Discuss 50th Anniversary of First Amendment Ruling New York Times Co. V Sullivan

3/7/2014 3:00 PM EST

UofSC Experts Available to Discuss Conflict in Crimea

3/3/2014 3:00 PM EST

Expert on What Makes Southern Culture Unique

2/7/2014 10:00 AM EST

Gaming the Games: Putin and Russia’s Anti-Gay Law

2/6/2014 4:00 PM EST

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