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Additional Time Spent Outdoors by Children Results in Decreased Rate of Nearsightedness

The addition of a daily outdoor activity class at school for three years for children in Guangzhou, China, resulted in a reduction in the rate of myopia (nearsightedness, the ability to see close objects more clearly than distant objects), according...
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Sex Differences in Academic Faculty Rank, Institutional Support for Biomedical Research

Women are less likely than men to be full professors at U.S. medical schools, and receive less start-up support from their institutions for biomedical research, according to two studies in the September 15 issue of JAMA.
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Factors for Higher Risk of Death Following Hip Fracture Surgery Compared to Hip Replacement

Patients undergoing surgery for a hip fracture were older and had more medical conditions than patients who underwent an elective total hip replacement, factors that may contribute to the higher risk of in-hospital death and major postoperative...
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Study Finds High Prevalence of Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes in U.S.

In 2011-2012, the estimated prevalence of diabetes among U.S. adults was 12 percent to 14 percent and the prevalence of prediabetes was 37 percent to 38 percent, indicating that about half of the U.S. adult population has either diabetes or...
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Outcomes Improve for Extremely Preterm Infants

Over the last 20 years, complications have decreased and survival has improved for extremely preterm infants, according to a study in the September 8 issue of JAMA.
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Iron Supplementation During Pregnancy and Risk of Malaria in Malaria-Endemic Region

Among women in a malaria-endemic region in Kenya, daily iron supplementation during pregnancy did not result in an increased risk of malaria, according to a study in the September 8 issue of JAMA. Iron supplementation did result in increased birth...
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Lack of Adherence to Usability Testing Standards for Electronic Health Record Products

The lack of adherence to usability testing standards among several widely used electronic health record (EHR) products that were certified as having met these requirements may be a major factor contributing to the poor usability of EHRs, according...
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Medication Improves Measure of Kidney Disease in Patients with Diabetes

Among patients with diabetes and kidney disease, most receiving an angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor or an angiotensin receptor blocker, the addition of the medication finerenone compared with placebo resulted in improvement in albuminuria...
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