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E-Cigarettes Surpass Tobacco Cigarettes Among Teens

In 2014, more teens use e-cigarettes than traditional, tobacco cigarettes or any other tobacco product—the first time a U.S. national study shows that teen use of e-cigarettes surpasses use of tobacco cigarettes.
16-Dec-2014 12:05 AM EST

Use of Alcohol, Cigarettes, Number of Illicit Drugs Declines Among U.S. Teens

A national survey of students in U.S. middle schools and high schools shows some important improvements in levels of substance use.
16-Dec-2014 12:05 AM EST

War Metaphors for Cancer Hurt Certain Prevention Behaviors

It's not unusual for people to use war metaphors such as "fight" and "battle" when trying to motivate patients with cancer.
15-Dec-2014 10:00 AM EST

Sharing That Crowded Holiday Flight with Countless Hitchhiking Dust Mites


As if holiday travel isn't stressful enough. Now University of Michigan researchers say we're likely sharing that already overcrowded airline cabin with countless tiny creatures including house dust mites.
8-Dec-2014 9:20 AM EST

U-M Releases Online Tool to Help Cities in Great Lakes Region Plan for Climate Impacts

Reduced water availability and quality, floods and problems related to heat stress are some of the potential impacts cities face with a changing climate.
3-Dec-2014 10:05 AM EST

Predators and Isolation Shape the Evolution of ‘Island Tameness,’ Providing Conservation Insights


Charles Darwin noted more than 150 years ago that animals on the Galapagos Islands, including finches and marine iguanas, were more docile than mainland creatures. He attributed this tameness to the fact that there are fewer predators on remote...
1-Dec-2014 11:40 AM EST

Most of Earth's Carbon May Be Hidden in the Planet's Inner Core, New Model Suggests

As much as two-thirds of Earth's carbon may be hidden in the inner core, making it the planet's largest carbon reservoir, according to a new model that even its backers acknowledge is "provocative and speculative."
1-Dec-2014 3:00 PM EST

Teens Prescribed Anxiety, Sleep Medications Likelier to Illegally Abuse Them Later

The medical community may be inadvertently creating a new generation of illegal, recreational drug users by prescribing anti-anxiety or sleep medications to teenagers, say University of Michigan researchers.
24-Nov-2014 9:30 AM EST

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