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Penn Researchers Mine Twitter for Cardiovascular Disease Research

Penn Medicine Researchers completed a pilot analysis of archived tweets on cardiovascular disease. In a study published today in JAMA Cardiology, researchers sifted through a sample of approximately ten billion tweets posted between 2009 and 2015,...
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On the Road with Data Science


Randy Olson, PhD, a senior data scientist with Penn’s Institute for Biomedical Informatics (IBI), started publishing optimized road trip maps, and now uses his analytical skills to tackle some of biomedicine's biggest questions.
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Toxins From Food Mold Weaken Airways' Defenses to Cause More Damage


PHILADELPHIA—Toxins from mold found growing on nuts or corn can weaken the airways’ self-clearing mechanisms and immunity, opening the door for respiratory diseases and exacerbating existing ones, suggests a study in Nature Scientific Reports...
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Teen Girls with a Family History of Breast Cancer Do Not Experience Increased Depression or Anxiety

PHILADELPHIA — More and more girls are expected to have to confront breast cancer fears as modern genomics technology makes it easier to detect strong risk factors such as inherited BRCA1/2 mutations. But a new study shows that adolescent girls in...
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Fatty Diet Activates Oldest Branch of Immune System, Causing Intestinal Tumors

A high-fat-diet-induced immune reaction causes inflammation leading to intestinal cancer in a mouse model – even among animals that are not obese.
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100 Million Prescription Opioids Go Unused Each Year Following Wisdom Teeth Removal, Penn Study Estimates

More than half of opioids prescribed to patients following surgical tooth extraction – such as the removal of impacted wisdom teeth – were left unused by patients in a new study from researchers at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman...
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Penn Center for Global Health Announces Inaugural Global Health Champion Award Winner


The Center for Global Health in the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania is pleased to honor Ernest Madu, MD, chairman and CEO of the Heart Institute of the Caribbean with its first annual Global Health Champion Award. Madu...
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Genes Essential to Life Found in Mouse Mutants Are Related to Many Human Disease Genes

An international, multi-institutional research collaboration identified, for the first time, mutant traits in the mouse for 52 human disease genes, which significantly contributes to the understanding of the genetic bases for some human diseases.
16-Sep-2016 10:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Our Experts on Newswise

Health & Medicine at the 2016 Rio De Janeiro Olympics: Penn Medicine Experts Available for Comment

17-Aug-2016 2:05 PM EDT

Teen Decision-Making Expert Available to Provide Insight Into Choices Being Made by Teenagers During Spring Rites of Passage - Prom, Graduation, Senior Week.


18-Apr-2016 1:05 PM EDT

Penn Medicine Zika Virus Experts Available for Interviews

2-Feb-2016 11:05 AM EST

Penn Sleep Specialist Available to Discuss How School Schedules Can Impact Sleep

28-Aug-2015 12:05 PM EDT

Dean of Penn’s Perelman School of Medicine: Precision Medicine is “Personalized, Problematic, and Promising”

- The rapidly emerging field of precision medicine is a “disruptive innovation” that offers the possibility of remarkably fine-tuned remedies to improve patient health while minimizing the risk of harmful side effects, says J. Larry Jameson,...
26-May-2015 4:00 PM EDT

Penn Medicine Experts Offer Suggestions for Nudging Children toward Healthier Food Choices

Strategies aimed at reducing childhood obesity should acknowledge individuals’ rational taste preferences and apply insights from behavioral economics to design choice architecture that increases their likelihood of success, say two...
19-Mar-2015 11:00 AM EDT

Health & Medicine at the 2014 Sochi Olympics: Penn Medicine Experts Available for Comment

Penn Medicine physicians and scientists are available for comment on a variety of topics relating to health and injury issues that Winter Olympic athletes may face. Experts are available for interviews by phone, webcam or satellite uplink from the...
6-Feb-2014 3:00 PM EST

Penn Medicine Surgeons Available to Discuss the Robotic Surgery Dr. Drew Chose to Treat His Prostate Cancer

25-Sep-2013 3:40 PM EDT

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