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Friend or Foe? Study Examines Seniors' Increasing Use of Walking Aids


America’s population of senior citizens is growing, and with it, a reliance on canes, wheelchairs and scooters. This proliferation of senior mobility devices is surprising considering that prior research showed a correlation between device use and...
11-May-2015 2:05 PM EDT

The Power of Best Friends


When parents of children with disabilities drop their child off at kindergarten they often worry about whether they will make friends – a key factor in reducing anxiety, depression and the likelihood of being bullied. The response from schools...
24-Apr-2015 7:05 AM EDT

Cold, Callous and Untreatable? Not All Psychopaths Fit the Stereotype, Says New Study


A new study published in the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology shows that a subset of pre-psychopathic youth, who appear callous and unemotional, are actually masking unmanageable negative emotions and can be helped by cognitive behavioral or...
6-Apr-2015 9:00 AM EDT

Food TV Could Be Harmful to Your Health


Women who watched food television and cooked frequently from scratch had a higher body-mass-index, or BMI – weighing on average 10 more pounds – than those who obtained information from sources like family and friends, magazines and newspapers,...
17-Mar-2015 6:05 AM EDT

Study Examines Physician-Industry Conflict of Interest Issue from MS Patient Perspective

A new study explores what multiple sclerosis patients know, or want to know, about their physician’s financial relationship with the pharmaceutical company sponsoring clinical trials.
27-Feb-2015 12:45 PM EST

Keeping the Heart's Engine in Sync: Study Shows Contractions Rely on Critical Protein for Efficient Function


Vermont researchers have identified a remarkable protein that helps choreograph the highly specific series of events that ensure the heart beats consistently and accurately. Called myosin-binding protein C (cMyBP-C), this protein performs its...
20-Feb-2015 2:00 PM EST

How to Avoid a Bad Hire


Bad hiring decisions cost employers millions of dollars, damage workplace morale, reduce productivity and account for more than half of employee turnover nationwide. It doesn’t have to be that way according to a new study that reveals how a few...
16-Feb-2015 5:00 PM EST

Want To Save The Planet? Neighbors Better Allies Than Family


Socializing with neighbors leads to more planet-friendly behaviors than spending time with friends or family, research finds. That's due to the diversity of neighbors and overwhelming similarity of loved ones, researchers say. So be kind to...
11-Feb-2015 7:00 AM EST

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Politics and Law Expert Discusses Timing, Ramifications of Supreme Court's Decision to Take on Same-Sex Marriage


Ellen Andersen, associate professor in gender, sexuality, and women’s studies and political science at the University of Vermont, weighs in on the Supreme Court's decision to rule on gay marriage
3-Feb-2015 12:00 PM EST

UVM Political Scientist Comments on Vote by Vermont Legislature to Re-elect Gov. Shumlin

8-Jan-2015 3:00 PM EST

Professor Plays Key Role in Passage of One of Nation's Toughest Concussion Laws

Vermont State legislator Richard Sears sought the advice of a concussion expert at the University of Vermont when crafting one of the nation's most comprehensive concussion laws to protect high school athletes
17-Dec-2014 3:00 PM EST

Expert Prediction: Don't Expect Much from 114th U.S. Congress

When the 114th U.S. Congress starts on Jan. 3 it will mark the first time since 1994 that Republicans hold majorities in both the House and Senate under a Democratic president. A presidential expert and two Congressional scholars predict what will...
17-Dec-2014 2:25 PM EST

Race Expert Rashad Shabazz Calls Ferguson Verdict 'Chilling'


25-Nov-2014 12:05 PM EST

UVM Prof on Ferguson: Black People Don’t Produce Crimes Out of Their Proportion-They Are Policed Out of Their Proportion


21-Aug-2014 12:00 PM EDT

Race Geographies Expert on Ferguson


As the hashtag #Ferguson trends on Twitter more than a week following Michael Brown’s deadly shooting by a police officer in this suburb of St. Louis, Mo., University of Vermont professor @RashadShabazz was deeply engaged in the conversation....
21-Aug-2014 12:00 PM EDT

UVM Political Science Professor Comments on Former US Senator James M. Jeffords

18-Aug-2014 5:00 PM EDT

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