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NASA Unveils Celestial Fireworks as Official Image for Hubble 25th Anniversary

NASA and ESA are celebrating the Hubble Space Telescope's silver anniversary of 25 years in space by unveiling some of nature's own fireworks - a giant cluster of about 3,000 stars called Westerlund 2.
23-Apr-2015 9:15 AM EDT

Hubble National Teach-In Explores Space Telescope's Legacy


At 1pm EDT on Fri., April 24, classrooms across the nation will be able to participate in the Hubble Space Telescope's 25th anniversary in a national "teach-in" sponsored by STScI in Baltimore, Maryland. Watch on YouTube at ...
22-Apr-2015 6:05 PM EDT

STScI News Media Telecon/Webcast Explores Hubble's Science Legacy

The Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) in Baltimore, Maryland, is celebrating the extraordinary impact that the Hubble Space Telescope has had on science, culture, and society in a science symposium from April 20-23. STScI is hosting a news...
13-Apr-2015 3:05 PM EDT

Our Sun Came Late to the Milky Way's Star-Birth Party


Astronomers compiled a story of our Milky Way's growth by studying galaxies similar in mass to our galaxy, found in deep surveys of the universe. Stretching back more than 10 billion years, the census contains nearly 2,000 snapshots of Milky...
9-Apr-2015 2:00 PM EDT

NASA and STScI Select Hubble Fellows for 2015


NASA and the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) have announced the selection of the 2015 Hubble Fellows who will conduct research related to NASA's Cosmic Origins program.
6-Apr-2015 3:00 PM EDT

Hubble Finds Phantom Objects Near Dead Quasars


NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has photographed a set of wispy, goblin-green objects that are the ephemeral ghosts of quasars that flickered to life and then faded. The eight unusual looped structures may offer insights into the puzzling behaviors of...
2-Apr-2015 11:00 AM EDT

NASA's Hubble and Chandra Discover Dark Matter Is Not as Sticky as Once Thought


Astronomers using observations from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope and Chandra X-ray Observatory have found that dark matter interacts with itself even less than previously thought. This finding narrows down the options for what this mysterious...
26-Mar-2015 2:00 PM EDT

Hubble Source Catalog: One-Stop Shopping for Astronomers


Astronomers at the Space Telescope Science Institute and the Johns Hopkins University, in Baltimore, Maryland, have created a new master catalog of astronomical objects called the Hubble Source Catalog. The catalog provides one-stop shopping for...
13-Mar-2015 1:00 PM EDT

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