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I Have to Walk How Many Miles to Burn Off This Soda?

Adolescents who saw printed signs explaining the number of miles they would need to walk to burn off the calories in a sugary drink were more likely to leave the store with a lower calorie beverage, a healthier beverage or a smaller size beverage,...
13-Oct-2014 10:15 AM EDT

In-Home Visits Reduce Drug Use, Depression in Pregnant Teens

Intensive parenting and health education provided in homes of pregnant American Indian teens reduced the mothers’ illegal drug use, depression and behavior problems, and set their young children on track to meet behavioral and emotional milestones...
8-Oct-2014 10:00 AM EDT

Large Chain Restaurants Appear to Be Voluntarily Reducing the Calories in Their Menu Items

New research from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health finds that large chain restaurants, whose core menu offerings are generally high in calories, fat and sodium, introduced newer food and beverage options that, on average, contain...
6-Oct-2014 9:55 AM EDT

Small Spills at Gas Stations Could Cause Significant Public Health Risks Over Time

A new study suggests that drops of fuel spilled at gas stations — which occur frequently with fill-ups — could cumulatively be causing long-term environmental damage to soil and groundwater in residential areas in close proximity to the...
7-Oct-2014 10:00 AM EDT

Public Feels More Negative Toward People with Drug Addiction Than Those with Mental Illness

People are significantly more likely to have negative attitudes toward those suffering from drug addiction than those with mental illness, and don’t support insurance, housing, and employment policies that benefit those dependent on drugs, new...
1-Oct-2014 9:30 AM EDT

Child Mortality Falls Worldwide, but Not Fast Enough, Study Finds

Despite advances, millions of children worldwide still die before their fifth birthday, with complications from preterm birth and pneumonia together killing nearly 2 million young children in 2013, according to a study led by the Johns Hopkins...
1-Oct-2014 9:00 AM EDT

Johns Hopkins International Injury Research Unit to Collaborate on Bloomberg Philanthropies’ New $125 Million Global Road Safety Program

Bloomberg Philanthropies today announced a five-year, $125 million Global Road Safety Program, and the International Injury Research Unit at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health will be one of eight organizations spearheading a...
29-Sep-2014 1:00 PM EDT

Talk Therapy – Not Medication – Best for Social Anxiety Disorder, Large Study Finds

While antidepressants are the most commonly used treatment for social anxiety disorder, new research suggests that cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is more effective and, unlike medication, can have lasting effects long after treatment has stopped.
23-Sep-2014 10:00 AM EDT

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