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Johns Hopkins International Injury Research Unit to Collaborate on Bloomberg Philanthropies’ New $125 Million Global Road Safety Program

Bloomberg Philanthropies today announced a five-year, $125 million Global Road Safety Program, and the International Injury Research Unit at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health will be one of eight organizations spearheading a...
29-Sep-2014 1:00 PM EDT

Talk Therapy – Not Medication – Best for Social Anxiety Disorder, Large Study Finds

While antidepressants are the most commonly used treatment for social anxiety disorder, new research suggests that cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is more effective and, unlike medication, can have lasting effects long after treatment has stopped.
23-Sep-2014 10:00 AM EDT

The Power of Numbers: A Single Statistic Can Strengthen Public Support for Traffic Safety Laws

Public support for effective road safety laws, already solid, can be strengthened by a single number: a statistic that quantifies the traffic-related injury risks associated with a given law, according to a new study from the Johns Hopkins Center...
24-Sep-2014 12:00 PM EDT

Jose ‘Oying’ Rimon Named New Director of Gates Institute


The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health has named Jose "Oying" Rimon as the new director of the School’s Bill & Melinda Gates Institute for Population and Reproductive Health.
24-Sep-2014 11:00 AM EDT

A New Way to Look at Diabetes and Heart Risk

People with diabetes who appear otherwise healthy may have a six-fold higher risk of developing heart failure regardless of their cholesterol levels, new Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health research suggests.
10-Sep-2014 11:00 AM EDT

Most Consumers Don’t Know Their Daily Calorie ‘Budget’

Many people are unaware that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s mandated nutrition labels are based on a 2,000-calorie-a-day diet, but a simple weekly text message reminder can greatly improve that awareness, according to a new study from the...
9-Sep-2014 10:00 AM EDT

Hog Workers Carry Drug-Resistant Bacteria Even After They Leave the Farm

A new study suggests that nearly half of workers who care for animals in large industrial hog farming operations may be carrying home livestock-associated bacteria in their noses, and that this potentially harmful bacteria remains with them up to...
4-Sep-2014 10:00 AM EDT

Normal-Weight Counselors Feel More Successful Than Heavier Counselors at Helping Obese Patients Slim Down, Study Suggests

A new study by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health suggests that normal-weight nutrition and exercise counselors report feeling significantly more successful in getting their obese patients to lose weight than those...
4-Sep-2014 9:45 AM EDT

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