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Sumter County Extension Helps Implement SNAP/EBT at Farmer’s Market, Spreads the Word

Making it easier for residents to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables and increase Florida farmer’s profits is the win-win result of a partnership between the University of Florida/IFAS Extension Sumter County Office and the Sumter County...
8-Oct-2015 2:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

New UF/IFAS Nature Coast Biological Station in Cedar Key to Expand Opportunities

The UF Institute of Food and Agriculture Sciences has created the Nature Coast Biological Station, to be housed in Cedar Key. The station is a site to help enhance conservation and improve management of natural resources up and down the Gulf Coast...
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Everglades Research and Education Center Is Unveiling a New and Improved Soil Testing Lab


For decades, whenever farmers in the Everglades Agricultural Area needed help figuring out what fertilizers to use in their fields, they turned to the University of Florida’s Everglades Research and Education Center for soil testing and lab work....
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Pioneering UF/IFAS Cattle Scientist Recognized at World Dairy Expo


William Thatcher, an active emeritus UF/IFAS faculty member, is considered one of the world’s leading experts in animal reproduction. He played a key role in establishing links between the intake of fatty acids by dairy cows and their effects on...
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UF/IFAS Helping Teachers with Creative Biology Lessons


Curricula resources are available to freely download at
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Strategies to Keep Pollutants Out of Your Neighborhood Storm Water Pond


Many people live in subdivisions with storm water ponds, which collect water from the neighborhood and help keep pollutants such as fertilizers, pesticides and pet waste from getting into the broader environment. Now, UF/IFAS researchers and...
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Most Homeowners Can’t Properly Assess Damage to Their Trees

The next time a storm tears up your yard, let an expert assess the damage to any trees. A study from the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences shows that homeowners perceive the risk of a damaged tree differently than...
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Wilson Named Chair of UF/IFAS Department of Environmental Horticulture


Sandra Wilson came to Gainesville after 15 years as an environmental horticulture faculty member at the UF/IFAS Indian River Research and Education Center. Wilson was ready for her next career step. Not only had she taught many courses and published...
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Our Experts on Newswise

UF/IFAS Expert Urges Returning College Students to Read, Know Their Lease

As thousands of college students across America return to school for the fall, a UF/IFAS financial expert has quick, simple advice: Read the apartment lease. To some, reviewing the lease may seem obvious; to others, it may seem onerous. But...
6-Aug-2015 9:05 AM EDT

UF/IFAS Researcher: Americas May be Hit by Catastrophic Banana Disease

A University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences researcher warned that a disease that has decimated Cavendish bananas in Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia could be headed for the Western Hemisphere.
11-Jun-2015 3:05 PM EDT

Tips to Handle Those Rare Florida Tick-Borne Diseases

Not every tick carries the lyme disease pathogen, says UF/IFAS Veterinary Entomologist Phil Kaufman, debunking one myth. Still, Floridians and others can contract tick-borne diseases, and he offers advice on dealing with them.
18-May-2015 8:05 AM EDT

Sticking with a Healthy Heart Plan


Only one in six people successfully stay with a diet and exercise regimen that leads to better health. But because it's American Heart Month, a UF/IFAS expert offers tips on how to eat and exercise for the long term.
6-Feb-2015 9:00 AM EST

A UF/IFAS Expert Can Answer Your Questions on How Chikungunya Is Transmitted

26-Jan-2015 11:00 AM EST

The Call for Normalized Relations with Cuba: An Economic Perspective

Professor William Messina with the University of Florida's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences is an expert on Cuba's economy.
17-Dec-2014 2:00 PM EST

Spiders 101

UF/IFAS Entomologist Dr. Lisa Taylor explains why these fascinating creatures are good to have around.
4-Nov-2014 10:00 AM EST

Preventing and Dealing with a Head-Scratching Problem -- Lice

8-Sep-2014 7:00 AM EDT

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