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Community-Living Seniors with Dementia Are More Likely to Be Hospitalized Than Those Without Dementia; Little Difference Found Among Nursing Home Residents

Seniors living in the community who have dementia are more likely to be hospitalized and visit the emergency department than those who do not have dementia, according to a new study by researchers at RTI International.
4/7/2014 5:00 PM EDT

E-Cigarette Advertising Expenditures Tripled From 2011 to 2012, Study Finds

Electronic cigarette advertising expenditures tripled in the United States from $6.4 million in 2011 to $18.3 million in 2012, according to a study by RTI International.
4/4/2014 10:30 AM EDT

Study: MOOCs Viewed Positively by Employers for Hiring, Training


Many employers are still unfamiliar with massive open online courses, called MOOCs, but once they learned about them, they generally viewed them positively for recruiting, hiring and training employees, according to a new study by researchers at...
3/31/2014 12:30 PM EDT

Policies Banning Tobacco Displays May Deter Adult Smoking; A Graphic Health Warning Sign at Pos Might Not


Polices that ban tobacco product displays at point of sale may reduce adults smoking by deterring purchases, though a single graphic health warning sign at the POS may not, according to a study by researchers at RTI International and Tarheel...
3/20/2014 5:00 PM EDT

Canadian Public Investment in Medical Imaging R&D Pays Off, Study Finds


Public investment in university-based medical imaging research results in better quality of life and a significant return on investment, according to a study conducted by RTI International.
3/10/2014 12:00 PM EDT

RTI International Launches Global Gender Center to Address Gender Inequities


RTI International has formed the RTI Global Gender Center to address gender inequities and disparities worldwide.
3/5/2014 1:00 PM EST

Advertisements Telling Smokers “Why” to Quit More Successful Than “How” Messages


Brief exposure to anti-smoking television ads with messages about why to quit smoking can influence a smoker to quit within a month, while ads about how to quit smoking do not influence smoking behaviors, according to new research by RTI...
3/4/2014 9:00 AM EST

Tubes, Adenoidectomy Reduce Fluid in the Middle Ear, Improve Hearing in the Short Term, but Long-Term Effects Unknown


Implanting tubes in the ears of children who have persistent or recurrent episodes of otitis media with effusion (OME) improves hearing over a short period (up to 9 months post surgery), but this procedure is less likely to improve hearing, speech,...
1/7/2014 3:00 PM EST

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Cancer Care Costs to More than Double in Some States by 2020: Expert Trogdon Available to Discuss


9/24/2012 11:00 AM EDT

Cigarette Tax Disproportionately Burdens Low-Income Families: Expert Farrelly Available to Discuss


9/13/2012 8:00 AM EDT

Experts Available to Discuss International Literacy

RTI International has two experts available to discuss international literacy.
9/8/2009 12:15 PM EDT

Experts Available to Discuss Pandemic Flu

RTI International has three public health experts who can discuss issues surrounding the swine flu outbreak.
4/26/2009 4:30 PM EDT

Expert Available to Discuss Malaria Control Efforts in Africa


World Malaria Day is Saturday, April 25. If you're looking for experts to speak about malaria control efforts in Africa, Dr. John Chimumbwa is available.
4/21/2009 11:45 AM EDT

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