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ORNL Researchers Buchanan, Liang, Mayes Named AAAS Fellows


Three staff members from Oak Ridge National Laboratory have been named fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).
24-Nov-2014 2:00 PM EST

Spiraling Back in Time


Using a code developed for GPU supercomputing architectures, including that of the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Cray XK7 Titan, to simulate the evolution of the Milky Way galaxy, a team of researchers from the...
17-Nov-2014 3:00 PM EST

Oak Ridge to Acquire Next Generation Supercomputer


The U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility has signed a contract with IBM to bring a next-generation supercomputer to Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
14-Nov-2014 11:10 AM EST

Good Vibrations Give Electrons Excitations That Rock an Insulator to Go Metallic


A team led by the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory has made an important advancement in understanding a classic transition-metal oxide, vanadium dioxide, by quantifying the thermodynamic forces driving the transformation. The...
7-Nov-2014 11:00 AM EST

ORNL Materials Researchers Get First Look at Atom-Thin Boundaries


Scientists have made the first direct observations of a one-dimensional boundary separating two different, atom-thin materials, enabling studies of long-theorized phenomena at these interfaces.
10-Nov-2014 10:00 AM EST

ORNL Thermomagnetic Processing Method Provides Path to New Materials


For much the same reason LCD televisions offer eye-popping performance, a thermomagnetic processing method can advance the performance of polymers.
6-Nov-2014 2:00 PM EST

Your Own Energy “Island?” ORNL Microgrid Could Standardize Small, Self-Sustaining Electric Grids


Benefit of microgrids—small systems powered by renewables and energy storage devices.
5-Nov-2014 9:00 AM EST

Story Tips From the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory November 2014

1) With the addition of a dash of a common solvent, researchers realized an efficiency gain of about 36 percent for organic solar cells. 2) An innovative computational tool could reduce uncertainties and the time required to decide where to drill...
3-Nov-2014 2:45 PM EST

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