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Baylor Researcher Develops Biomarker for High-Risk Colon Cancer Metastases


A new study developed at Baylor Research Institute at Dallas has discovered unique microRNA signatures in primary colorectal cancers that could predict metastasis in the distant future.
29-Jan-2015 2:50 PM EST

New Research at Baylor Could Give Alternatives for Children's Eye Exams


It’s very difficult to understand the retinal structure of children because they are known to be uncooperative during eye examinations designed for adults. Baylor research, published in JAMA Ophthalmology, explores a new non-invasive technology...
22-Jan-2015 12:00 PM EST

Baylor Research Could Lead to Development of Novel Vaccines from Flu to HIV

Baylor Research Institute investigators found that the lipoprotein LOX-1 promotes humoral responses, which could allow researchers to design effective vaccines against microbial infections.
10-Dec-2014 2:00 PM EST

Baylor Research Institute Enters License Agreement for Anakinra in Treating Systemic Onset Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis

Baylor Research Institute (BRI), the research arm of the Baylor Scott & White Health, announced that it has signed an agreement with Swedish Orphan Biovitrum AB (Sobi) to non-exclusively license Baylor’s patents pertaining to the treatment of...
5-Dec-2014 1:00 PM EST

Baylor Scott & White Health Celebrates American Diabetes Month® with First Long-Term Trial Comparing Type 2 Diabetes Treatments

Despite the availability of many medications, doctors have very little information about the best way to treat diabetes. However, a new study involving Baylor’s endocrinology team could give more insights and provide better options for diabetes...
24-Nov-2014 6:00 AM EST

New Use for an Old Drug Could Impact Cirrhosis Patients


A common drug used to clean a person’s bowels before a colonoscopy could become the future standard of care for patients with acute hepatic encephalopathy (HE), a mental disorientation problem that affects up to one in two cirrhosis patients. The...
4-Nov-2014 7:00 AM EST

Severe Illness Shifts Young Father From Feeding His Toddler, to Being Fed by Him

People often think of physical therapy as a little bit of exercise to build up strength after knee surgery, or to relieve pain from a sore back. Others see it as an important bridge between serious, debilitating illness and an independent life.
29-Oct-2014 2:00 PM EDT

Bedside Caregivers: Research Shows Opening Visitation Access Improves Patient Satisfaction

Many believe that restrictive visitation policies affect the standard of care patients receive. Now, retrospective research from a team of Baylor nurses proves it.
29-Oct-2014 1:00 PM EDT

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Baylor Researcher’s Hollow Fiber System TB Model Approved by European FDA Equivalent


The European Medicines Agency (EMA), the equivalent of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, has approved the use of the hollow fiber system for the development of drugs to treat and prevent tuberculosis (TB). The hollow fiber system model of TB...
23-Mar-2015 2:05 PM EDT

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