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Rare Nautilus Sighted for the First Time in Three Decades


In early August, biologist Peter Ward returned from the South Pacific with news that he encountered an old friend, one he hadn’t seen in over three decades. The University of Washington professor had seen what he considers one of the world’s...
25-Aug-2015 1:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

Power Lines Restrict Sage Grouse Movement in Washington

Transmission lines that funnel power from hydroelectric dams and wind turbines across Eastern Washington affect greater sage grouse habitat by isolating fragile populations and limiting movement, a new study finds.
24-Aug-2015 1:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

Blacks Hit Hardest by Public-Sector Job Losses During Recession, Study Finds

A new University of Washington study found that public-sector job cuts during and after the Great Recession disproportionately impacted African-Americans, especially women, and have increased racial disparity in the public sector.
18-Aug-2015 2:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

Maltreated Children’s Brains Show ‘Encouraging’ Ability to Regulate Emotions

A new study led by the University of Washington finds that given the right strategies, abused children have a surprising ability to regulate their emotions.
20-Aug-2015 2:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

From Protein Design to Self-Driving Cars: UW Researchers Win AI Prize for Radically New Optimization Approach

UW machine learning researchers have developed a new approach to optimization - a key step in predicting everything from election results to how proteins will fold - that recently won a top paper prize at the world's largest artificial intelligence...
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CO2 Emissions Change with Size of Streams and Rivers

Researchers have shown that the greenhouse gas appears in streams by way of two different sources — either as a direct pipeline for groundwater and carbon-rich soils, or from aquatic organisms releasing the gas through respiration and natural...
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Behaviors Linked to Adult Crime Differ Between Abused Girls and Boys

Troubling behaviors exhibited by abused children can be predictors of later criminal activity, and that those indicators differ between boys and girls.
11-Aug-2015 11:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Abusive Men Put Female Partners at Greater Sexual Risk, Study Finds

New University of Washington research finds that men who were physically and sexually abusive to women were more likely than non-abusive men to engage in behaviors that exposed them and their partners to sexually transmitted infections.
6-Aug-2015 12:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

Our Experts on Newswise

How Strong of a Football Fan Are You? There's a Test for That

University of Washington psychologist Anthony Greenwald has adapted his Implicit Association Test on hidden biases to determine how strongly a football fan supports a certain team.
24-Jan-2014 6:00 PM EST

Calming Your Dog’s Anxiety During Noisy Fourth of July

Have a dog with noise phobias, especially fireworks? University of Washington psychologist explains three main ways to calm dogs' fears.
1-Jul-2013 2:00 PM EDT

Infrastructure Experts: Engineers Who Can Speak About Bridge Collapse

24-May-2013 2:00 PM EDT

Tipsy? UW Expert's Tips for Reining in Holiday Drinking

Dennis Donovan, director of the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute at the University of Washington, says that alcohol is a major issue around the holidays for both social drinkers and those recovering from alcoholism. He has advice for how to drink...
10-Dec-2012 12:40 PM EST

Axel Schweiger, Chair of UW's Polar Science Center, an Excellent Source for Writing About Melting Sea Ice

6-Sep-2012 9:00 AM EDT

Expert Available on Health Care Markets, Health Sector Leadership and Social/Political Determinants

22-Jun-2012 5:15 PM EDT

Sallie Sanford, University of Washington Law Professor / Adjunct Professor of Public Health, Available to Discuss SCOTUS Health Care Decision

22-Jun-2012 2:00 PM EDT

Web Search Is Ready for a Shakeup, Says UW Computer Scientist

On the 20-year anniversary of the World Wide Web, a computer scientist has published a two-page commentary in the journal Nature that calls on the international academic and business communities to take a bolder approach when designing how people...
3-Aug-2011 1:00 PM EDT

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