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New Insight Into How Brain Makes Memories


Vanderbilt researchers have identified the role that a key protein associated with autism and the co-occurrence of alcohol dependency and depression plays in forming the spines that create new connections in the brain.
24-Apr-2015 9:00 AM EDT

Family Reunification Drives Child Migration From Latin America

New research by Vanderbilt University's Katharine Donato and Blake Sisk examines why children from Latin America make the difficult journey north.
21-Apr-2015 4:05 PM EDT

California’s Solar Incentive Program Has Had Only Modest Impact on Adoption Rates

According to a new analysis, California's aggressive incentive program for installing rooftop solar-electric systems has not been as effective as generally believed.
8-Apr-2015 1:05 PM EDT

Stop Complaining About the Moral Decline of Western Society!

Morality is not declining in the modern world. Instead, a new morality is replacing the previous one. Centered on individual self-fulfillment, and linked to administrative government, it permits things the old morality forbid, like sex for...
6-Apr-2015 7:00 AM EDT

Vanderbilt and Pittsburgh to Lead New Center to Identify Toxic Chemicals


EPA is establishing a new center at Vanderbilt University and the University of Pittsburgh to develop an alternative approach for toxicity testing to help evaluate the safety of the 80,000-plus chemicals in general commerce.
25-Mar-2015 8:00 PM EDT

Noted Prison Reform Experts to Share Insights at 'Re-Visioning Justice in America'


For the first time, three national experts on critical issues surrounding mass incarceration and restorative justice are featured at a conference hosted by the Cal Turner Program on Moral Leadership.
17-Mar-2015 10:05 AM EDT

Clever Application of Magnetic Force Enhances Laparoscopic Surgery


A team of Vanderbilt engineers is using magnetic force to design new and improved instruments for minimally invasive surgery. The use of magnetic actuation allows them to create tools that are more flexible and more powerful than conventional...
2-Mar-2015 11:05 AM EST

Results Challenge Conventional Wisdom About Where the Brain Begins Processing Visual Information


Results of a brain mapping study challenge conventional wisdom that the "magic" which transforms visual information into the three-dimensional world that we perceive all occurs in the visual cortex.
2-Mar-2015 11:00 AM EST

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James Holmes Trial – Mental Health & Gun Violence Expert Available-@Vanderbiltu Dr. Jonathan Metzl w/ New Research on Mental Illness & Mass Shootings

22-Apr-2015 10:05 AM EDT

Human Trafficking Expert Can Talk About What's Right and Wrong in Bipartisan U.S. Senate Bill

21-Apr-2015 2:05 PM EDT

Vanderbilt Expert Can Speak About Police ‘Testilying’


8-Apr-2015 2:05 PM EDT

Four Ways to Improve U.S. Tax System -- Vanderbilt Tax Expert Suggests Looking to Our Roots

30-Mar-2015 11:05 AM EDT

Vanderbilt Expert Available to Speak About Payday Loans


26-Mar-2015 2:05 PM EDT

Vanderbilt Expert Explains How the Supreme Court Should Rule on Latest Affordable Care Act Lawsuit


23-Feb-2015 8:00 AM EST

Vanderbilt Education Experts Offer 18 Apps Making Learning Fun

When chosen wisely, apps can help a child learn important skills such as reading, algebra, fractions and even computer coding—all while having fun. Vanderbilt experts give tips on picking a great app and list their favorites.
13-Feb-2015 10:00 AM EST

Vanderbilt Researcher Working to Fight Human Trafficking, Slavery

Vanderbilt researcher Cecilia Mo is using a $1 million grant from the Labor Department to combat human trafficking.
3-Feb-2015 12:00 PM EST

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