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University of Utah Researcher: Republicans Have Happier Marriages Than Democrats


A new study by University of Utah sociologist Nick Wolfinger and a colleague from the University of Virginia reveals that Republicans tend to be happier in their marriages than Democrats, and are less likely to be divorced. Wolfinger and W....
17-Aug-2015 5:05 PM EDT

Programming and Prejudice


Software may appear to operate without bias because it strictly uses computer code to reach conclusions. But a team of computer scientists from the University of Utah and elsewhere discovered a way to find out if an algorithm used for hiring...
14-Aug-2015 3:30 PM EDT

University of Utah to Celebrate Grand Opening of Award-Winning S.J. Quinney College of Law Building on Sept.1


Facility designed to enhance innovation in legal education and strengthen Utah law school's commitment to community service. Interesting sustainable features have already garnered the building awards.
13-Aug-2015 12:05 PM EDT

4 Million Years at Africa's Salad Bar


As grasses grew more common in Africa, most major mammal groups tried grazing on them at times during the past 4 million years, but some of the animals went extinct or switched back to browsing on trees and shrubs, according to a study led by the...
29-Jul-2015 2:00 PM EDT

Soiree in the Stream


In an unprecedented effort to understand the connections between mountain water supply and urban demand, more than 50 researchers from 22 different lab groups and seven universities, including the University of Utah, gathered to study the Red Butte...
3-Aug-2015 5:00 AM EDT

Drought’s Lasting Impact on Forests


In a global study of drought impacts, forest trees took an average of two to four years to resume normal growth rates, a revelation indicating that Earth's forests are capable of storing less carbon than climate models have assumed.
26-Jul-2015 8:00 PM EDT

Want to Avoid Divorce? Wait to Get Married — but Not Too Long—Says Utah Researcher


A new analysis by University of Utah researcher Nick Wolfinger finds those who tie the knot after their early 30s are now more likely to divorce than those who marry in their late 20s. Past the early 30s, the odds of divorce increase by 5 percent...
16-Jul-2015 1:05 PM EDT

Where Does Water Go When It Doesn’t Flow?


More than a quarter of the rain and snow that falls on continents reaches the oceans as runoff. Now a new study helps show where the rest goes.
5-Jul-2015 8:00 PM EDT

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