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Gene-Editing Technique Offers Hope for Hereditary Diseases

Salk scientists use molecular “scissors” to eliminate mitochondrial mutations in eggs and embryos
17-Apr-2015 1:05 PM EDT

How the Brain Balances Risk-Taking and Learning

Salk scientists discover a learning circuit in worms that gives clues to human behavior.
3-Apr-2015 1:05 PM EDT

Food for Thought: Master Protein Enhances Learning and Memory


Salk scientists discover a single protein that energizes muscles and the brain
3-Apr-2015 5:00 PM EDT

Immune System-in-a-Dish Offers Hope for “Bubble Boy Disease"

Salk researchers have been able to grow patient-derived, healthy cells in the lab, coming a step closer to treating fatal blood disorders
10-Mar-2015 4:05 PM EDT

Cellular Scissors Chop Up HIV Virus


Salk scientists re-engineered the bacterial defense system CRISPR to recognize HIV inside human cells and destroy the virus, offering a potential new therapy.
9-Mar-2015 3:05 PM EDT

Walking on Ice Takes More Than Brains


Salk scientists discover how a "mini-brain" in the spinal cord aids in balance
29-Jan-2015 12:00 PM EST

“Imaginary Meal” Tricks the Body Into Losing Weight

Salk scientists made a more effective diet pill
2-Jan-2015 11:00 AM EST

Worms’ Mental GPS Helps Them Find Food


Salk scientists develop a theory to explain how animals gather information and switch attention
10-Dec-2014 11:00 AM EST

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