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Scientists Find a Key Protein That Allows Plavix to Conquer Platelets


UNC researchers found that the blood platelet protein Rasa3 is critical to the success of the common anti-platelet drug Plavix, which breaks up blood clots during heart attacks and other arterial diseases. The discovery could prove important for...
23-Feb-2015 12:15 PM EST

Researchers Pin Down Genetic Pathways Linked to CF Disease Severity


Mutation of one gene is all it takes to get cystic fibrosis, but disease severity depends on many other genes and proteins. For the first time, UNC researchers identified genetic pathways that play major roles in why one person with CF might have...
23-Feb-2015 9:00 AM EST

R2d2 Beats Mendel: Scientists Discover Selfish Gene That Breaks Long-Held Law of Genetic Inheritance


UNC School of Medicine researchers discovered a gene called R2d2 – Responder to meiotic drive 2 – that breaks Gregor Mendel’s century-old “law of segregation,” which states that you have an equal probability of inheriting each of two...
9-Feb-2015 9:30 PM EST

Bubonic Bottleneck: UNC Scientists Overturn Dogma on the Plague


Researchers discover that the accepted theory of how Yersinia pestis microbes travel from fleabite to lymph node is off base. Most bacteria get trapped in a bottleneck and never make it to the lymph node, where infection takes root. Finding out why...
12-Feb-2015 11:30 AM EST

Epigenetic Breakthrough: A First of Its Kind Tool to Study the Histone Code


UNC scientists have created a new research tool, based on the fruit fly, to help crack the histone code. This research tool can be used to better understand the function of histone proteins, which play critical roles in the regulation of gene...
10-Feb-2015 2:45 PM EST

Another Breastfeeding Benefit: Preparing Baby’s Belly for Solid Food


Researchers found that a baby’s diet during the first few months of life has a profound influence on the composition, diversity, and stability of the gut microbiome. These factors influence the baby’s ability to transition from milk to solid...
4-Feb-2015 11:15 AM EST

Brain Scans Predict Effectiveness of Talk Therapy to Treat Depression


UNC School of Medicine researchers have shown that brain scans can predict which patients with clinical depression are most likely to benefit from a specific kind of talk therapy.
4-Feb-2015 11:00 AM EST

Simple Strategies Used by Parents Lead to Improvements in One-Year-Olds at Risk for Autism Spectrum Disorder


A new study by University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill researchers finds that a collection of simple strategies used by parents can lead to significant improvements in one-year-olds at risk for autism spectrum disorder (ASD).
3-Feb-2015 8:00 AM EST

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Second Healthcare Worker Tests Positive for Ebola; UNC Expert Discusses Risks and Precautions for Healthcare Workers

15-Oct-2014 9:50 AM EDT

#UNC Experts Available for Interviews for #Autism Awareness Month


20-Mar-2014 3:00 PM EDT

Experts Available to Discuss NEJM Editorial on Use of PARP Inhibitors in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

In the editorial, the UNC researchers explain the excitement about this new class of drugs and the importance of this trial. They also highlight the reasons that caution as well as enthusiasm is warranted.
3-Jan-2011 2:50 PM EST

UNC Expert Available to Discuss JAMA Study on Over-the-Counter Dosing of Children


Dr. Darren DeWalt, author of a JAMA editorial being released early online this week, is available for media interviews.
29-Nov-2010 11:45 AM EST

Expert Available to Discuss Latest AIDS Vaccine Trial

UNC expert available to discuss latest development in search for AIDS vaccine.
24-Sep-2009 12:40 PM EDT

It Takes Two (Or More)

UNC brain surgeon Anand Germanwala, M.D. and ENT surgeon Adam Zanation, M.D., collaborated to develop through-the-nose approach to repair a patient's ruptured brain aneurysm.
26-Aug-2009 9:00 AM EDT

Pneumonic Plague Expert at UNC-Chapel Hill

Pneumonic plague expert available for interview at UNC-Chapel Hill.
5-Aug-2009 5:00 PM EDT

Back to School Stories: Sleep to STDs, Phobias to Rx Meds

UNC School of Medicine experts offer story ideas for back to school, including: sleep apnea and tonsils, kids with restless leg syndrome and returning to normal sleep habits; an STD reality check for teens; how to return to school with prescription...
4-Aug-2009 8:30 PM EDT

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