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How a Swarthmore Biologist Used eBay and 3D Printing to Enhance His Laboratory

In need of a microscope to heat shock and image transgenic plants but with a limited budget, Associate Professor of Biology Nick Kaplinsky turned to eBay, finding the hardware he needed to build his custom RootScope for under $10,000.
27-Apr-2015 8:15 AM EDT

Does a Person's Sense of Smell Reveal a Weight Bias?


Researchers discovered that visual cues associated with overweight or obese people can influence one’s sense of smell, and that the perceiver’s body mass index matters, too.
7-Apr-2015 8:15 AM EDT

Sense of Smell May Reveal Weight Bias


A new study suggests that a person’s sense of smell may reveal a weight bias, one that is likely more pervasive than previously believed.
26-Mar-2015 8:25 AM EDT

Swarthmore Names Valerie Smith as New President


Valerie Smith, a distinguished scholar of African American literature and culture and current Dean of the College at Princeton University, was named the 15th president of Swarthmore College on Saturday, Feb., 21, following unanimous agreement by its...
21-Feb-2015 12:30 PM EST

What Motivates College Students to Get the Flu Shot? Sometimes, It's as Little as $10


The preliminary findings from a new study conducted by a team of Swarthmore College researchers indicates that a combination of financial incentives – even as little as $10 – and an endorsement from close friends might by the best way to...
23-Oct-2014 9:00 AM EDT

Dinosaur Family Tree Gives Fresh Insight Into Rapid Rise of Birds


The study shows that the familiar anatomical features of birds – such as feathers, wings and wishbones – all first evolved piecemeal in their dinosaur ancestors over tens of millions of years. However, once a fully functioning bird body shape...
25-Sep-2014 12:15 PM EDT

What Were They Thinking? Swarthmore Study Examines Federal Reserve Prior to 2008 Financial Crisis

A new study from a team of Swarthmore professors illustrates how the Federal Reserve was aware of potential problems in the financial markets prior to 2008, but did not take the threats seriously.
15-Sep-2014 11:00 AM EDT

And the Grammy Goes to....Swarthmore College!

Music producer Don Mizell '71 is donating the Grammy Award he won in 2005 as a producer of the Ray Charles album “Genius Loves Company" to his alma mater Swarthmore College at a ceremony on Saturday, June 7, from the Black Cultural Center.
6-Jun-2014 11:05 AM EDT

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