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Rapid Ebola Test Could Play Key Role in Efforts to End Lingering Outbreak

Research presented at the 2015 AACC Annual Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo will expand on the studies that led to a fingerprick Ebola test becoming the first and only rapid diagnostic for this disease to receive approval from the World Health...
22-Jul-2015 10:00 AM EDT

The Lee Company’s New Hard Seat VHS Micro-Dispense Valve Features the Speed and Reliability of Lee’s Traditional VHS Valves


The Lee Company’s new Hard Seat VHS Micro-Dispense Valve features the speed and reliability of Lee’s traditional VHS valves, but the traditional elastomeric seal has been replaced with a precision zirconia ball and seat. The result is a valve...
23-Jul-2015 2:05 PM EDT

The High Density Interface (HDI) Solenoid Valve Just Got Better by Offering More Flow Capacity Without Sacrificing Size and Weight


The High Density Interface (HDI) solenoid valve just got better by offering more flow capacity without sacrificing size and weight. Imagine the features of a large valve coupled with the superior performance of a miniature valve in one compact design
23-Jul-2015 2:05 PM EDT

The Lee Company's New Atomizing Nozzles, Available in Both Airless and Air Assisted Styles


The Lee Company's new atomizing nozzles, available in both airless and air assisted styles, generate a 50° hollow cone spray pattern and offer precise, controlled atomization in a compact package.
23-Jul-2015 12:05 PM EDT

Ekf Introduces New Diabetic Biomarker Test – The Stanbio Chemistry GSP Liquicolor® Assay


Glycated Serum Protein bridges the gap in diabetes testing in cases where HbA1c cannot be reliably measured
23-Jul-2015 12:05 PM EDT

Double Ended Piston Pump – Tailored for Customer’s Application

The Double Ended Piston Pumps of Diener Precision Pumps allow up to two different liquids and two different flow or stroke volume displacement rates in one application. The pumps have a space and economical saving design. Diener Precision Pumps is...
23-Jul-2015 11:05 AM EDT

Precision Pumps Manufactured to Medical Standards


The quality manufacturer of piston pumps and gear pumps Diener Precision Pumps, founded in 1994, was recertified according to the medical standards ISO 9001/ ISO 13485. On the company website, users are newly provided with a chart helping...
23-Jul-2015 11:05 AM EDT

AACC Emphasizes Need for Quality Results and Patient-Friendly Reports in Direct-to-Consumer Testing

Noting a paradigm shift among consumers who are seeking greater control over their own healthcare, AACC issued a position statement today on direct-to-consumer laboratory testing, which allows people to order medical tests directly from a lab...
22-Jul-2015 10:00 AM EDT

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CDC Official to Advise Labs on Testing Patients for Ebola Now That First Case of Deadly Virus Has Been Confirmed in the U.S.

Now that the Ebola virus has arrived in the U.S., the ability of clinical laboratories to quickly identify patients who need treatment and require isolation will play a critical role in preventing an outbreak. To help labs prepare for this, AACC...
2-Oct-2014 10:50 AM EDT

Early Alzheimer’s Blood Test Co-Developer to Discuss How the Test Could Be the First Step in Developing Treatments to Halt or Slow Alzheimer’s at 2014 AACC Annual Meeting

In March of this year, a team of Georgetown University scientists published research showing that, for the first time ever, a blood test has the potential to predict Alzheimer’s disease before patients start showing symptoms. AACC is pleased to...
23-May-2014 9:40 AM EDT

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