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Transmedia Storytelling Can Be an Effective Health Intervention

“East Los High,” a pioneering transmedia edutainment program purposely designed to address issues of reproductive and sexual health among teens, is demonstrating the power and potential of leveraging entertainment media for health promotion and...
22-Sep-2016 10:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Working Mothers Most in Need of Social Support Are Less Likely to Receive It

A new study links nonstandard work schedules to weaker private safety nets, particularly for African-Americans, the less educated and those who don't work 9-to-5. However, there also is evidence that switching from a standard to a nonstandard...
21-Sep-2016 4:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

What’s Happening Beneath Greenland?

An expert comments on a new study on the Greenland Ice Sheet that provides valuable insight on climate change. The research uses unique research methods to establish new estimates of ice loss for both modern and ancient times, the expert explains.
20-Sep-2016 8:00 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Glutamate Plays Previously Unknown Role in Neuromuscular Development


In a new finding, UB researchers have shown in mice that glutamate plays a vital role in controlling how muscles and nerves are wired together during development.
19-Sep-2016 8:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Using DNA, Dirt and Feces, International Artists Merge Science and Art to Answer Life Questions


Eight artists from around the world will travel to the University at Buffalo to explore life’s greatest questions through biological art residencies in the Coalesce: Center for Biological Arts.
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Smartphone Hacks 3-D Printer by Measuring ‘Leaked’ Energy and Acoustic Waves


University at Buffalo researchers illustrate how smartphones, due to their ubiquity and sophisticated gadgetry, can easily hack 3-D printers by measuring ‘leaked’ energy and acoustic waves that emanate from the printers. The work is eye-opening...
7-Sep-2016 11:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Looking to Saliva to Gain Insight on Evolution


There’s no need to reinvent the genetic wheel. That’s one lesson of a new study that looks to the saliva of humans, gorillas, orangutans, macaques and African green monkeys for insights into evolution. The research is published today (Aug. 25)...
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'Putting Prevention in Their Pockets'


Ability for people living with HIV to feel comfortable using the app to report on sensitive health behaviors, including alcohol and drug use, was among study's key findings.
23-Aug-2016 9:10 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Our Experts on Newswise

Medicine Is the One Item You Should Never Buy Online, Says UB Pharmacy Practice Expert


The convenience of purchasing medicine online does not outweigh the risks, says Karl Fiebelkorn, University at Buffalo pharmacy practice expert.
28-Jul-2016 1:05 PM EDT

After Orlando Shooting, Focus on ISIS and Terrorism Distracts From Real Issues, UB Queer History Expert Says

14-Jun-2016 4:05 PM EDT

Clinicians Need to Screen ‘Nicotine Naïve’ Teenagers for Vaping, Says UB Addictions Expert


UB addictions expert Nancy Campbell-Heider calls on clinicians to screen for vaping among teens, who are either uninformed or misinformed about the dangers and risks associated with electronic cigarettes.
6-May-2016 12:30 PM EDT

FDA's New Tobacco Rules May Have an Unintended Effect, University at Buffalo Expert Says


5-May-2016 4:05 PM EDT

Brady ‘All but Done’ From a Legal Perspective, UB Sports Law Expert Says

25-Apr-2016 4:05 PM EDT

Tubman Is Best Possible Replacement for Jackson, UB Gender Studies Expert Says

20-Apr-2016 5:05 PM EDT

Apple Both a Winner and Loser After FBI Gets Into iPhone, UB Cyberlaw Expert Says

30-Mar-2016 11:05 AM EDT

New Law Doesn’t Spell the End of Paper Prescriptions for Nursing Homes, Vets or Emergency Rooms, Says UB Pharmacy Law Expert


Despite the perception that medical prescriptions are now completely electronic in New York State, we haven’t seen the last of paper prescriptions, according to University at Buffalo pharmacy law expert Karl Fiebelkorn.
30-Mar-2016 8:00 AM EDT

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