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ACR, SBI Comments Regarding JAMA Mammography Patient Anxiety Study

Tosteson et al shows that women experience short-term anxiety regarding test results and there are no measurable lasting health effects from a false-positive exam as some previously claimed. Anxiety does not equate to dying from breast cancer. The...
4/21/2014 9:50 AM EDT

NEJM Article on Ending Breast Cancer Screening Programs Incomplete and Should Concern American Women

If breast cancer screening of all women were ended in the United States, as suggested in a recent NEJM article, 15,000 – 20,000 more women each year would die from breast cancer. Thousands more would endure extensive and expensive treatments than...
4/16/2014 2:25 PM EDT

New Image Wisely® Radiation Safety Case on CT Brain Perfusion Now Available

Image Wisely recently launched its third Image Wisely Radiation Safety Case — CT Brain Perfusion Dose Optimization.
4/15/2014 1:35 PM EDT

World-Renowned Business Luminary Clayton Christensen to Be Keynote Speaker at 2014 RLI Leadership Summit

Best-selling author and renowned business thinker Clayton M. Christensen, DBA, the Kim B. Clark Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, will deliver the keynote address at the American College of Radiology’s Radiology...
4/14/2014 11:30 AM EDT

JAMA Article Breast Cancer Screening Recommendations Potentially Deadly for Many Women

According to the American College of Radiology and Society of Breast Imaging, recommendations in an upcoming JAMA article that breast cancer screening be based on risk would miss the overwhelming majority of breast cancers present in women and...
4/1/2014 9:45 AM EDT

Landmark Medical Imaging Provisions in SGR “Patch” To Help Usher in New Era of Evidence-Based Medicine

What may be first of their kind requirements included in the newly passed “Protecting Access to Medicare Act of 2014,” (H.R. 4302) would make health care more efficient, raise medical imaging quality, improve utilization accuracy and make...
4/1/2014 8:00 AM EDT

Quality Improvement Initiative Leads to Successful Reduction in Unnecessary Follow-Up Imaging and Increases Physician’s Confidence, Study Suggests

The April issue of the Journal of the American College of Radiology (JACR®) focuses on a variety of issues relating to clinical practice, practice management, health services and policy, and radiology education and training.
3/28/2014 11:00 AM EDT

RLI Leadership Summit to Focus on Radiology Leadership for Today’s Health Care Environment

Radiology professionals who want to become successful leaders will take part in an immersive, dynamic program to help them overcome today’s health care business challenges at the 2014 Radiology Leadership Institute (RLI) Leadership Summit, to be...
3/27/2014 11:00 AM EDT

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World Class Experts Address Today’s Hottest Breast Cancer Issues at 35th National Conference on Breast Cancer


Renowned breast cancer care experts will address hot-button issues, including tailored breast cancer screening, the role of ultrasound and MRI in women with dense breasts and the latest breast imaging technologies — tomosynthesis and molecular...
3/8/2012 2:35 PM EST

Radiation Experts Available

In light of the ongoing nuclear crisis in Japan, the American College of Radiology (ACR) has several radiation experts available for media interviews.
3/23/2011 1:15 PM EDT

Radiation Experts Available

In wake of the nuclear crisis in Japan, the American College of Radiology (ACR) has several radiation experts available for media interviews.
3/17/2011 12:25 PM EDT

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