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Sleep Loss Tied to Emotional Reactions


A new book summarizes research on the interplay of sleep and various components of emotion and affect that are related to mood disorders, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder and depression.
25-Mar-2015 1:05 PM EDT

New Book Offers Unique Critical Analysis of Holocaust Poet's Early Writings


A new book offers the first sustained critical analysis of the early work of Nobel Prize laureate Nelly Sachs.
18-Mar-2015 1:05 PM EDT

Computer Simulator Will Improve Radiation Therapy for Cancer Patients


A University of Arkansas researcher helped spearhead a project to develop a computer simulator of dual foil scattering systems used in radiation therapy.
3-Mar-2015 8:00 AM EST

Early Career Award Will Support Research on Heart Valve Disease

Engineering researcher Kartik Balachandran has received a $500,000 CAREER award from the National Science Foundation to study endothelial-mesenchymal transformation and its relationship to heart valve disease.
26-Feb-2015 8:00 AM EST

NSF Early Career Award Will Help Researcher Advance Work on Wireless Sensor Networks


A University of Arkansas engineering researcher has received a $500,000 early CAREER award from the NSF to continue developing sensing and transmission schemes for energy-harvesting, wireless sensor networks.
24-Feb-2015 8:00 AM EST

New Study Suggests How Health Authorities Might Improve Communication about Vaccinations


Fatalists trump rational thought: A new study by a political scientist at the University of Arkansas examines perceptions of U.S. citizens about the benefits and risks of immunizations.
11-Feb-2015 8:00 AM EST

Researchers Capture, Document First Northern Saw-Whet Owl in Arkansas

Wildlife biologists at the University of Arkansas have captured and documented the first northern saw-whet owl in Arkansas.
28-Jan-2015 8:00 AM EST

Throwing Money at Data Breach May Make It Worse


Information systems researchers at the U of A studied the effect of two compensation strategies used by Target after a large-scale data breach and found that customers reacted favorably to a 10-percent discount on purchases.
22-Dec-2014 8:00 AM EST

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