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Revealing Kidney Cancer’s Secret


An international team of scientists, led by UC Davis nephrologist Robert Weiss, have used a sophisticated combination of proteomics and metabolomics to show how renal cell carcinoma (RCC) reprograms its metabolism and evades the immune system. In...
14-May-2015 9:00 AM EDT

Surgery for Terminal Cancer Patients Still Common


The number of surgeries performed on terminally ill cancer patients has not dropped in recent years ¬, despite more attention to the importance of less invasive care for these patients to relieve symptoms and improve quality of life.
1-May-2015 8:00 AM EDT

NCI Funding Boosts Breast CT Scanning Research and Development


John M. Boone, a UC Davis medical physicist and professor of radiology, has been awarded a $2.88 million grant from the National Cancer Institute to further develop and research computed tomography (CT) to detect breast cancer.
29-Apr-2015 10:00 AM EDT

Comprehensive Genomic Tumor Profiling Comes to UC Davis


The UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center and the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine have entered into a collaboration with Foundation Medicine, a leading molecular information company. The collaboration brings comprehensive genomic...
20-Apr-2015 9:00 AM EDT

UC Davis Researchers Win Grant to Answer Key Questions in Surveillance of Small Lung Nodules


Two UC Davis researchers will help run a major national study to improve surveillance practices for patients with small lung nodules identified on CT imaging and extremely low risk for lung cancer.
15-Apr-2015 9:00 AM EDT

Protein May Improve Liver Regeneration

Researchers at UC Davis have illuminated an important distinction between mice and humans: how human livers heal. The difference centers on a protein called PPARα, which activates liver regeneration. Normally, mouse PPARα is far more active and...
31-Mar-2015 5:05 PM EDT

UC Davis Scientists Describe Novel Drug Mechanism That Fights Brain Cancer


Researchers at UC Davis have developed and characterized a molecule that interferes with the internal regulation of cancer cells, causing them to self-destruct. This novel mechanism was found to be effective against glioma cells – responsible for...
3-Mar-2015 4:05 PM EST

California Breast Density Law Slow to Have an Impact


Ten months after California legislators enacted a controversial law mandating that radiologists notify women if they have dense breast tissue, UC Davis researchers have found that half of primary care physicians are still unfamiliar with the law and...
28-Jan-2015 7:00 PM EST

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