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To Sleep, Perchance to Dream of a Cure

Sleep-deprived rats on chemotherapy drug Paclitaxal had worse side effects (extra rest later had no effect); religious beliefs can lead cancer patients to better care.
16-Dec-2014 7:00 AM EST

At End of Life, Hope Program Offers a Time to Refocus

Rather than creating false hope in patients very likely beyond a cure, Johns Hopkins nurse-led effort helps make final months, weeks, days, or hours worth living.
9-Dec-2014 7:00 AM EST

Living Organ Donors: A Chance to Give and to Receive


At Johns Hopkins Hospital, transplants mean new life for those with no other match and for nurses who couldn’t bear to stand by.
8-Dec-2014 10:30 AM EST

Ebola's Arrival Forced Open the Door on Nursing Ethics


As Ebola raises difficult questions, ethics trailblazers answer with a road map for 21st-century nursing
4-Dec-2014 8:30 AM EST

Microfinance Program—Pigs for Peace—Also Improves Mental Health Symptoms for Women in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Women and families in rural areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have been beaten down physically and mentally by years of war, poverty, and violence, but a Johns Hopkins School of Nursing researcher and her team suggest that a baby pig...
3-Dec-2014 9:00 AM EST

Online Course Brings Dementia Care Home


Without the proper understanding of dementia, the person, and the day-to-day challenges with care and accompanying behavioral issues, stress can quickly remove the glow from a happy time. An online course offers help.
1-Dec-2014 10:30 AM EST

U.S. Nurse Leaders Issue Blueprint for 21st Century Nursing Ethics

Unprecedented report looks at the ethical issues facing the profession, as the American Nursing Association prepares to release a revised Code of Ethics in 2015.
18-Nov-2014 10:00 AM EST

Quarantined Hopkins Nurse a Hero, Not a Danger

Johns Hopkins Nursing responds to forced quarantine and eventual release of graduate Kaci Hickox.
27-Oct-2014 2:45 PM EDT

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