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Disease Could Cost Black Walnut Industry Millions, Forest Specialist Warns

Thousand cankers disease, which kills black walnut trees, has been confirmed in 15 states. The Kansas Forest Service encourages people to avoid moving firewood or lumber this winter to prevent spreading the disease to other states.
13-Nov-2014 10:00 AM EST

Patent Awarded for Genetics-Based Nanotechnology Against Mosquitoes, Insect Pests

Kansas State University researchers have been awarded a U.S. patent for microscopic, genetics-based technology that can help safely kill mosquitos and other insect pests. The patented technology affects the genes pest insects use to make their...
12-Nov-2014 9:50 AM EST

Security Studies Research Aims to Understand CIA, DOD Relationship


A Kansas State University doctoral student is studying how the country has benefitted from the CIA and the Department of Defense partnering together since 9/11.
11-Nov-2014 10:00 AM EST

Konza Prairie Research Program Receives $6.76 Million NSF Grant Renewal


The National Science Foundation renews Konza Prairie Long-Term Ecological Research program with $6.76 million grant.
6-Nov-2014 10:00 AM EST

By Studying Twins, Psychologist Researches Proactivity in the Workplace


Both environmental and genetic factors influence employee proactivity, according to the latest research from a Kansas State University psychology professor.
6-Nov-2014 10:00 AM EST

Patent Issued for Substance with Medical Benefits

A U.S. patent has been awarded to a novel jelly-like substance developed by Kansas State University researchers. The substance, called a hydrogel, may be used for biomedical applications, ranging from cell culture and drug delivery to repairing and...
4-Nov-2014 10:00 AM EST

University Researchers Find Bat Influenza Viruses Unlikely to Pose a Threat to Human Health

Kansas State University veterinary researchers collaborated on a study that shows the bat influence virus poses a low risk to humans.
30-Oct-2014 10:00 AM EDT

Beetroot Beneficial for Athletes and Heart Failure Patients, Research Finds

Researchers find the nitrate in beetroot targets fast-twitch muscles, increasing the blood flow to muscles that receive less oxygen. This can increase high-intensity athletic performance and improve quality of life of heart failure patients.
23-Oct-2014 10:00 AM EDT

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Veterinarian Cautions Against Using Unnecessary Over-the-Counter Drugs

A Kansas State University veterinarian cautions pet owners against using over-the-counter antibiotics to treat tear stains, which are often only a cosmetic issue.
22-Oct-2014 11:00 AM EDT

Renewing Health Insurance Should Take More Than 15 Minutes, Specialist Says

Renewing health insurance is more complicated than simply choosing the same plan year after year because plans change annually, a Kansas State University community health specialist says.
16-Oct-2014 10:00 AM EDT

Veterinary Pharmacologist Warns That Eggs From Backyard Chickens May Pose Consumption Problems


A pharmacologist warns that if you are raising chickens in your backyard, don't consume their eggs if the animals have been taking medication.
16-Sep-2014 11:00 AM EDT

Number of People Susceptible to Painful Mosquito-Borne Virus Increasing, Says Leading Researcher


Kansas State University leading researcher in chikungunya virus says many more people are at risk of getting infected now that mosquitoes in the U.S. are carrying the virus.
23-Jul-2014 10:00 AM EDT

Culinary Historian Says Americans Have Long Celebrated Fourth of July with Food

Food and the Fourth of July have long been an American tradition, according to Jane Marshall, a culinary historian and food writing instructor at Kansas State University.
2-Jul-2014 10:00 AM EDT

#KState Political Science Expert Can Talk About Middle East Unrest

20-Jun-2014 11:00 AM EDT

Start Mosquito Protection Methods Now, Says a Kansas State University Veterinarian

Kansas State University veterinarian advises to start mosquito prevention methods now in order to protect yourself and your horse from West Nile virus during the heavy infection season in mid to late summer.
19-Jun-2014 11:00 AM EDT

Food Safety Specialist Says Food Poisoning Cases Underreported

A Kansas State University food safety specialist says there are distinct symptoms for food poisoning and reporting it to your doctor is an important step in improving food safety.
18-Jun-2014 10:00 AM EDT

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