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Genetic Influences on the Brain’s Reward and Stress Systems Underlie Co-Occurring Alcohol Use Disorder and Chronic Pain

Alcohol use disorder (AUD) often co-occurs with chronic pain (CP), yet the relationship between the two is complex – involving genetic, neurophysiological, and behavioral elements – and is poorly understood. This review addressed the genetic...
16-Oct-2017 6:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

Spit for Science: When “N’s” Are More than Human Guinea Pigs


Sometimes scientists do not see the value of sharing their knowledge and expertise with non-scientists and members of the public may believe that researchers enjoy a rarefied existence. This critical review addresses the important, yet limited gap...
11-Oct-2017 10:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Beer Brands Popular Among Youth Contravene Industry’s Voluntary Advertising Code

Although alcohol is a legal substance for adults age 21 or older, it is the leading illicit substance used by underage American youth. Prior research has shown that youth exposed to alcohol advertisements have a greater risk of drinking....
30-Sep-2017 12:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

A Lack of Weekend Drinking Intentions Leads to Excess


Friday and Saturday nights seem to be the universal nights for partying. They are the peak times for heavy drinking by young adults, often beyond what is considered heavy episodic drinking (HED) – five or more drinks per occasion for men, four or...
28-Sep-2017 6:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Alcohol Products Reach Underage Youth Through Magazine Advertising

Alcohol use among underage youth – younger than 21 years of age – remains an important public-health issue, despite a decline in the past decade. The alcohol beverage industry denies that it promotes its products to underage youth. This study...
11-Sep-2017 9:45 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Alcohol Increases Risk of Road-Traffic Injury in Latin America and the Caribbean

Road-traffic injuries (RTIs), which are often fatal, are regrettable consequences of modern transportation. According to the World Health Organization, low- and middle-income countries have road-traffic fatality rates that are double those of...
11-Sep-2017 9:50 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Genetics and Ethnicity Can Influence Pathway between Early Drinking and Alcohol Use Disorders

Studies have shown that an early age of drinking initiation (ADI) increases the chance of developing an alcohol use disorder (AUD). There is limited evidence that ADI differs across ethnic groups. This study examined whether the pathway from ADI to...
24-Aug-2017 6:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Younger Mothers Are More Likely to Engage in Risky Drinking During and After Pregnancy

People tend to adjust behaviors across their lifespans as they adopt new roles – such as marriage or parenting – that are incompatible with prior behaviors. The transition to parenthood appears to be particularly relevant for women, leading to a...
21-Aug-2017 11:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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