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An Innovative Algorithm is Helping Scientists Decipher How Drugs Work Inside the Body

Researchers at Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) have developed a computer algorithm that is helping scientists see how drugs produce pharmacological effects inside the body. The study, published in the journal Cell, could help researchers...
23-Jul-2015 3:00 PM EDT

Brain Network that Controls, Redirects Attention Identified

Researchers at Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) have found that key parts of the human brain network that give us the power to control and redirect our attention—a core cognitive ability—may be unique to humans.
15-Jul-2015 1:05 PM EDT

Closing the Quality Chasm in Mental Health and Substance Use Care

A plan to ensure that evidence-based psychosocial interventions are routinely used in clinical practice and made a part of clinical training for mental health professionals was released today by the National Academy of Medicine (NAM).
14-Jul-2015 11:00 AM EDT

Long-Term Memories Are Maintained by Prion-Like Proteins

Research from Eric Kandel’s lab has uncovered further evidence of a system in the brain that persistently maintains memories for long periods of time.
2-Jul-2015 1:05 PM EDT

Trends in Antipsychotic Medication Use in Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults

Despite concerns that use of antipsychotic medications in treating young people has increased, use actually declined between 2006 and 2010 for children ages 12 and under, and increased for adolescents and young adults.
30-Jun-2015 11:00 AM EDT

Dr. Kevin Roth Named Chair of Pathology & Cell Biology and Pathologist-in-Chief at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia


Kevin Roth, MD, PhD, has been named chair of the P&S Department of Pathology & Cell Biology and pathologist-in-chief at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center, effective September 1, 2015.
30-Jun-2015 10:05 AM EDT

Acid-Reducing Medications Sharply Raise Risk of C. Diff. Bacteria Infection in Kids


Infants and children who are given prescription acid-reducing medications face a substantially higher risk of developing Clostridium difficile infection, a potentially severe colonic disorder.
17-Jun-2015 11:05 AM EDT

Data Scientists Find Connections Between Birth Month and Health

Columbia University scientists have developed a computational method to investigate the relationship between birth month and disease risk. The researchers used this algorithm to examine New York City medical databases and found 55 diseases that...
8-Jun-2015 11:00 AM EDT

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