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Researchers Identify Non-Gluten Proteins as Targets of Immune Response to Wheat in Celiac Disease

Researchers at Columbia University Medical Center have found that, in addition to gluten, the immune systems of patients with celiac disease react to specific types of non-gluten protein in wheat.
15-Dec-2014 4:00 PM EST

Cause of Malaria Drug Resistance in Southeast Asia Identified

Malaria drug resistance in Southeast Asia is caused by a single mutated gene in the disease-causing parasite, a Columbia-led study has found.
11-Dec-2014 12:00 PM EST

Meniscus Regenerated with 3D-Printed Implant

Researchers have devised a way to replace the knee’s protective lining, called the meniscus, using a personalized 3D-printed implant, or scaffold, infused with human growth factors that prompt the body to regenerate the lining on its own. The...
10-Dec-2014 3:00 PM EST

Rare-Cancer Expert Richard Carvajal Appointed Director of Experimental Therapeutics


Richard D. Carvajal, MD, has been named director of the Experimental Therapeutics/Phase I program and melanoma service in medical oncology at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center, effective Nov. 1, 2014. Dr. Carvajal, a medical...
8-Dec-2014 2:00 PM EST

Columbia Honors Research on the Genetics of Diabetes


Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) has presented Andrew Hattersley, DM, and Mark McCarthy, MD, with the 16th Naomi Berrie Award for Outstanding Research in Diabetes, for their work on the genetics of the disease. Their research has...
24-Nov-2014 12:00 PM EST

Arm Pain in Young Baseball Players is Common, Preventable

The most in-dept survey of its kind found that arm pain is common among supposedly healthy young baseball players and nearly half have been encouraged to keep playing despite arm pain. The findings suggest that more detailed and individualized...
6-Nov-2014 10:00 AM EST

Jack Geiger Receives Frank A. Calderone Prize in Public Health


Public health’s most prestigious honor, the Frank A. Calderone Prize, was presented this morning to H. Jack Geiger, MD, founding member and past president of Physicians for Social Responsibility and Physicians for Human Rights. Dean Linda P. Fried...
28-Oct-2014 12:00 PM EDT

Generic Medications Boost Adherence to Breast Cancer Therapy

Although oral hormonal therapy is known to substantially reduce breast cancer recurrence in women with hormone receptor–positive tumors, about one-half of patients fail to take their medications as directed. A new study by Columbia University...
27-Oct-2014 4:40 PM EDT

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