Indiana University

Name and Address
Indiana University
News office: Media Relations
530 E Kirkwood Ave., Ste. 203
Bloomington IN 47408-4003
United States
Phone news office: 812-855-3911
Phone main: 812-856-4265
Fax news office: 812-856-3342

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Name Title Beat Email Phone
James Boyd Manager of External Relations Cybersecurity, IT issues 812-855-0156
Diane Brown News and Media Specialist 317-274-2195
Lauren Bryant Editor of Research & Creative Activity 812-855-4152
Stephen Chaplin News and Media Specialist Science 812-856-1896
Joel Fosha IIDC Office of Public Relations Science 812-855-6508
Kevin Fryling Communications Specialist 317-278-0088
Sherry Garrity Arts/Humanities 812-856-0695
Mary Hardin News & Media Specialist 317-274-5456
Steve Hinnefeld News and Media Specialist Business, Public and Environmental Affairs 812-855-3911
Tracy James Senior news and media specialist Arts/Humanities/Health 812-855-0084
Mark Land VP Public Affairs and Government Relations 812-856-1172
Sarah Long Administrative and Editorial Assistant 812-855-3911
Bethany Nolan News and Media Specialist 812-855-6494
Jennifer Piurek Editor 812-856-4886
Ryan Piurek Media Relations Director Arts humanities 812-855-5393
Eric Schoch News & Media Specialist and Science Writer 317-274-8205
Margie Smith-Simmons News and Media Director 317-274-5434
George Vlahakis Senior news and media specialist Business, Public and Environmental Affairs 812-855-0846